Ann Lewnes

ADBE 25,597 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Ann Lewnes is at least $12,798,500.00. Ann Lewnes owns over 25,597 units of Adobe Inc. stock worth over $12,798,500.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
16th February 2021ADBE - Adobe Inc.15,647Open or private sale25,597$500.00$7,823,500.00$12,798,500.00
8th February 2021ADBE - Adobe Inc.100Open or private sale41,244$497.49$49,749.00$20,518,477.56
8th February 2021ADBE - Adobe Inc.500Open or private sale41,344$496.60$248,302.00$20,531,595.78
8th February 2021ADBE - Adobe Inc.1,012Open or private sale41,844$495.44$501,387.71$20,731,291.79
8th February 2021ADBE - Adobe Inc.1,388Open or private sale42,856$494.15$685,885.47$21,177,455.25
24th January 2021ADBE - Adobe Inc.1,071Payment by withholding44,244$472.44$505,983.24$20,902,635.36
24th January 2021ADBE - Adobe Inc.2,162Exercise of derivative45,315$0.00
24th January 2021ADBE - Adobe Inc.303Payment by withholding43,153$472.44$143,149.32$20,387,203.32
24th January 2021ADBE - Adobe Inc.613Exercise of derivative43,456$0.00
24th January 2021ADBE - Adobe Inc.2,019Payment by withholding42,843$472.44$953,856.36$20,240,746.92
24th January 2021ADBE - Adobe Inc.4,048Exercise of derivative44,862$0.00
24th January 2021ADBE - Adobe Inc.12,042Payment by withholding40,814$472.44$5,689,122.48$19,282,166.16
24th January 2021ADBE - Adobe Inc.24,290Exercise of derivative52,856$0.00
2nd November 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.200Open or private sale28,566$454.65$90,929.00$12,987,389.07
2nd November 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.200Open or private sale28,766$453.53$90,705.00$13,046,100.15
2nd November 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.111Open or private sale28,966$452.20$50,193.73$13,098,303.54
2nd November 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.789Open or private sale29,077$451.30$356,072.31$13,122,325.07
2nd November 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.400Open or private sale29,866$448.97$179,587.00$13,408,863.35
2nd November 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.300Open or private sale30,266$447.86$134,357.01$13,554,830.88
24th October 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.303Payment by withholding30,566$488.50$148,015.50$14,931,491.00
24th October 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.612Exercise of derivative30,869$0.00
1st October 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.5,000Open or private sale30,257$498.76$2,493,787.00$15,090,902.65
24th January 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.2,007Payment by withholding78,368$242.56$486,817.92$19,008,942.08
24th January 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.4,049Exercise of derivative80,375$0.00
24th January 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.3,121Payment by withholding76,326$242.56$757,029.76$18,513,634.56
24th January 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.6,295Exercise of derivative79,447$0.00
24th January 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.2,549Payment by withholding73,152$242.56$618,285.44$17,743,749.12
24th January 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.6,350Exercise of derivative75,701$0.00
24th January 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.18,889Payment by withholding69,351$242.56$4,581,715.84$16,821,778.56
24th January 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.38,100Exercise of derivative88,240$0.00
30th January 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.3,000Open or private sale75,368$240.16$720,480.00$18,100,378.88
20th February 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.3,000Open or private sale72,368$258.13$774,390.00$18,680,351.84
20th March 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.3,000Open or private sale69,368$260.54$781,620.00$18,073,138.72
25th March 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.1,910Bona fide gift67,458$0.00
17th April 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.3,000Open or private sale64,458$272.18$816,540.00$17,544,178.44
15th May 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.3,000Open or private sale61,458$269.82$809,460.00$16,582,597.56
19th June 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.3,000Open or private sale58,458$287.00$861,000.00$16,777,446.00
19th May 2019MAT - Mattel, Inc.4,619Exercise of derivative11,207$0.00
17th July 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.3,000Open or private sale55,598$307.13$921,390.00$17,075,813.74
21st August 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.1,800Open or private sale52,598$289.88$521,783.82$15,247,102.98
21st August 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.800Open or private sale54,398$288.97$231,173.92$15,719,248.63
21st August 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.400Open or private sale55,198$287.52$115,006.00$15,870,252.97
18th September 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.200Open or private sale49,598$275.28$55,055.00$13,653,089.45
18th September 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.2,200Open or private sale49,798$274.91$604,803.98$13,690,013.00
18th September 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.200Open or private sale51,998$273.21$54,641.00$14,206,113.59
18th September 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.200Open or private sale52,198$271.83$54,366.00$14,188,982.34
18th September 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.200Open or private sale52,398$270.80$54,159.00$14,189,116.41
16th October 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.50Open or private sale46,598$271.65$13,582.50$12,658,346.70
16th October 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.2,300Open or private sale46,648$270.02$621,038.64$12,595,743.69
16th October 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.200Open or private sale48,948$269.13$53,825.50$13,173,252.87
16th October 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.450Open or private sale49,148$268.18$120,682.48$13,180,672.83
20th November 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.1,930Open or private sale43,598$300.83$580,609.62$13,115,760.73
20th November 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.1,070Open or private sale45,528$300.00$320,999.04$13,658,359.02
18th December 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.661Open or private sale40,598$324.46$214,468.19$13,172,435.20
18th December 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.1,547Open or private sale41,259$323.79$500,907.31$13,359,363.01
18th December 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.792Open or private sale42,806$322.36$255,308.88$13,798,929.32
24th January 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.1,214Payment by withholding64,565$351.37$426,563.18$22,686,204.05
24th January 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.2,450Exercise of derivative65,779$0.00
24th January 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.2,006Payment by withholding63,329$351.37$704,848.22$22,251,910.73
24th January 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.4,048Exercise of derivative65,335$0.00
24th January 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.3,136Payment by withholding61,287$351.37$1,101,896.32$21,534,413.19
24th January 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.6,295Exercise of derivative64,423$0.00
24th January 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.18,726Payment by withholding58,128$351.37$6,579,754.62$20,424,435.36
24th January 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.37,770Exercise of derivative76,854$0.00
30th December 2019ADBE - Adobe Inc.1,514Bona fide gift0$0.00
1st April 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.5,000Open or private sale59,565$306.97$1,534,850.00$18,284,668.05
24th April 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.303Payment by withholding59,874$344.10$104,262.30$20,602,643.40
24th April 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.612Exercise of derivative60,177$0.00
1st May 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.5,000Open or private sale54,874$348.26$1,741,278.50$19,110,183.28
1st June 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.5,000Open or private sale49,874$385.52$1,927,577.50$19,227,200.05
19th May 2020MAT - Mattel, Inc.6,321Exercise of derivative17,528$0.00
1st July 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.5,000Open or private sale44,874$436.08$2,180,381.50$19,568,487.89
24th July 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.303Payment by withholding45,257$430.31$130,383.93$19,474,539.67
24th July 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.612Exercise of derivative45,560$0.00
3rd August 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.5,000Open or private sale40,257$447.59$2,237,926.50$18,018,441.42
1st September 2020ADBE - Adobe Inc.5,000Open or private sale35,257$519.74$2,598,705.50$18,324,511.96