Byron Myers, EVP, Sales and Marketing

INGN 35,390 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Byron Myers is at least $28,665.90. Byron Myers owns over 35,390 units of Inogen, Inc. stock worth over $28,665.90.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
31st December 2018INGN - Inogen, Inc.14,000Exercise of derivative35,390$0.81$11,340.00$28,665.90
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.185Payment by withholding38,905$106.97$19,789.45$4,161,667.85
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.75Payment by withholding39,090$106.97$8,022.75$4,181,457.30
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.319Payment by withholding39,165$106.97$34,123.43$4,189,480.05
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.920Grant/award etc.39,484$0.00
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.394Payment by withholding38,564$106.97$42,146.18$4,125,191.08
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.1,138Grant/award etc.38,958$0.00
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.2,430Grant/award etc.37,820$0.00
1st June 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.66Payment by withholding38,733$64.47$4,255.02$2,497,116.51
1st June 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.106Payment by withholding38,799$64.47$6,833.82$2,501,371.53
1st September 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.67Payment by withholding38,559$46.37$3,106.79$1,787,980.83
1st September 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.107Payment by withholding38,626$46.37$4,961.59$1,791,087.62
1st December 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.66Payment by withholding38,387$73.61$4,858.26$2,825,667.07
1st December 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.106Payment by withholding38,453$73.61$7,802.66$2,830,525.33
1st March 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.340Payment by withholding37,852$45.78$15,565.20$1,732,864.56
1st March 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.75Payment by withholding38,192$45.78$3,433.50$1,748,429.76
1st March 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.120Payment by withholding38,267$45.78$5,493.60$1,751,863.26
1st June 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.75Payment by withholding37,606$38.55$2,891.25$1,449,711.30
1st June 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.66Payment by withholding37,681$38.55$2,544.30$1,452,602.55
1st June 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.105Payment by withholding37,747$38.55$4,047.75$1,455,146.85
1st September 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.76Payment by withholding37,358$28.94$2,199.44$1,081,140.52
1st September 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.66Payment by withholding37,434$28.94$1,910.04$1,083,339.96
1st September 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.106Payment by withholding37,500$28.94$3,067.64$1,085,250.00