Scott Wilkinson, President and CEO

INGN 36,461 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Scott Wilkinson is at least $3,900,233.17. Scott Wilkinson owns over 36,461 units of Inogen, Inc. stock worth over $3,900,233.17.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.571Payment by withholding36,461$106.97$61,079.87$3,900,233.17
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.229Payment by withholding37,032$106.97$24,496.13$3,961,313.04
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.1,202Payment by withholding37,261$106.97$128,577.94$3,985,809.17
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.3,543Grant/award etc.38,463$0.00
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.1,432Payment by withholding34,920$106.97$153,181.04$3,735,392.40
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.4,370Grant/award etc.36,352$0.00
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.9,348Grant/award etc.31,982$0.00
1st June 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.220Payment by withholding35,889$64.47$14,183.40$2,313,763.83
1st June 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.352Payment by withholding36,109$64.47$22,693.44$2,327,947.23
1st September 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.220Payment by withholding35,317$46.37$10,201.40$1,637,649.29
1st September 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.352Payment by withholding35,537$46.37$16,322.24$1,647,850.69
1st December 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.220Payment by withholding34,745$73.61$16,194.20$2,557,579.45
1st December 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.352Payment by withholding34,965$73.61$25,910.72$2,573,773.65
1st March 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.981Payment by withholding33,205$45.78$44,910.18$1,520,124.90
1st March 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.215Payment by withholding34,186$45.78$9,842.70$1,565,035.08
1st March 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.344Payment by withholding34,401$45.78$15,748.32$1,574,877.78
1st June 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.251Payment by withholding32,382$38.55$9,676.05$1,248,326.10
1st June 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.220Payment by withholding32,633$38.55$8,481.00$1,258,002.15
1st June 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.352Payment by withholding32,853$38.55$13,569.60$1,266,483.15
1st September 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.251Payment by withholding31,560$28.94$7,263.94$913,346.40
1st September 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.220Payment by withholding31,811$28.94$6,366.80$920,610.34
1st September 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.351Payment by withholding32,031$28.94$10,157.94$926,977.14