Alison Bauerlein, EVP, Finance, & CFO

INGN 2,315 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Alison Bauerlein is at least $127,753.28. Alison Bauerlein owns over 2,315 units of Inogen, Inc. stock worth over $127,753.28.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
16th February 2021INGN - Inogen, Inc.700Open or private sale2,315$55.19$38,629.50$127,753.28
16th February 2021INGN - Inogen, Inc.17,398Open or private sale4,447$53.83$936,496.06$239,372.23
16th February 2021INGN - Inogen, Inc.18,098Exercise of derivative20,413$16.62$300,788.76$339,264.06
9th February 2021INGN - Inogen, Inc.8,973Open or private sale2,315$55.06$494,038.13$127,459.96
9th February 2021INGN - Inogen, Inc.8,973Exercise of derivative11,288$0.81$7,268.13$9,143.28
26th January 2021INGN - Inogen, Inc.8,973Open or private sale2,315$50.04$448,966.75$115,831.72
26th January 2021INGN - Inogen, Inc.8,973Exercise of derivative11,288$0.81$7,268.13$9,143.28
15th January 2021INGN - Inogen, Inc.2,132Open or private sale2,315$44.83$95,583.96$103,788.39
15th January 2021INGN - Inogen, Inc.15,966Open or private sale4,447$44.28$706,912.21$196,895.82
15th January 2021INGN - Inogen, Inc.18,098Exercise of derivative20,413$16.62$300,788.76$339,264.06
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.284Payment by withholding29,199$106.97$30,379.48$3,123,417.03
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.88Payment by withholding29,483$106.97$9,413.36$3,153,796.51
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.253Grant/award etc.29,571$0.00
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.490Payment by withholding29,318$106.97$52,415.30$3,136,146.46
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.1,417Grant/award etc.29,808$0.00
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.466Payment by withholding28,391$106.97$49,848.02$3,036,985.27
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.1,347Grant/award etc.28,857$0.00
1st March 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.3,739Grant/award etc.27,510$0.00
1st June 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.102Payment by withholding29,224$64.47$6,575.94$1,884,071.28
1st June 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.126Payment by withholding29,326$64.47$8,123.22$1,890,647.22
1st June 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.253Grant/award etc.29,452$0.00
23rd August 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.2,315Exercise of derivative33,224$16.62$38,475.30$552,182.88
23rd August 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.1,685Exercise of derivative30,909$0.75$1,263.75$23,181.75
1st September 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.103Payment by withholding33,247$46.37$4,776.11$1,541,663.39
1st September 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.127Payment by withholding33,350$46.37$5,888.99$1,546,439.50
1st September 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.253Grant/award etc.33,477$0.00
1st December 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.102Payment by withholding33,272$73.61$7,508.22$2,449,151.92
1st December 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.125Payment by withholding33,374$73.61$9,201.25$2,456,660.14
1st December 2019INGN - Inogen, Inc.252Grant/award etc.33,499$0.00
1st March 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.523Payment by withholding32,745$45.78$23,942.94$1,499,066.10
1st March 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.115Payment by withholding33,268$45.78$5,264.70$1,523,009.04
1st March 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.142Payment by withholding33,383$45.78$6,500.76$1,528,273.74
1st March 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.253Grant/award etc.33,525$0.00
1st June 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.116Payment by withholding32,654$38.55$4,471.80$1,258,811.70
1st June 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.102Payment by withholding32,770$38.55$3,932.10$1,263,283.50
1st June 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.126Payment by withholding32,872$38.55$4,857.30$1,267,215.60
1st June 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.253Grant/award etc.32,998$0.00
1st September 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.117Payment by withholding32,562$28.94$3,385.98$942,344.28
1st September 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.102Payment by withholding32,679$28.94$2,951.88$945,730.26
1st September 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.125Payment by withholding32,781$28.94$3,617.50$948,682.14
1st September 2020INGN - Inogen, Inc.252Grant/award etc.32,906$0.00