Jerome E Schwind, President

ISBA 12,314.878 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Jerome E Schwind is at least $228,933.58. Jerome E Schwind owns over 12,314.878 units of Isabella Bank Corp. stock worth over $228,933.58.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
4th January 2021ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.21.517Open or private purchase12,314.878$18.59$400.00$228,933.58
2nd November 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.39.241Open or private purchase11,877.612$15.29$600.00$181,608.69
1st October 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.25.157Open or private purchase11,838.371$15.90$400.00$188,230.09
2nd January 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.18.665Open or private purchase6,948.565$21.43$400.00$148,907.74
31st December 2018ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.332.418Open or private purchase6,929.899$23.31$7,748.66$161,535.95
1st February 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.18.307Open or private purchase6,562.301$21.85$400.00$143,386.27
1st March 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.17.544Open or private purchase6,579.845$22.80$400.00$150,020.46
6th March 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.380.623Grant/award etc.6,960.467$0.00
29th March 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.17.731Open or private purchase7,353.956$22.56$400.00$165,905.25
29th March 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.295.983Grant/award etc.7,336.225$23.65$7,000.00$173,501.73
1st May 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.18.877Open or private purchase7,372.833$21.19$400.00$156,230.32
3rd June 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.27.637Open or private purchase7,704.47$21.71$600.00$167,264.04
3rd June 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.304Grant/award etc.7,676.833$22.99$6,988.96$176,490.38
1st July 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.18.108Open or private purchase7,759.398$22.09$400.00$171,405.10
1st August 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.18.674Open or private purchase7,778.072$21.42$400.00$166,606.30
3rd September 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.316Grant/award etc.8,162.051$22.15$6,999.40$180,789.43
3rd September 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.19.084Open or private purchase7,846.051$20.96$400.00$164,453.23
1st October 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.18.877Open or private purchase8,220.191$21.19$400.00$174,185.85
1st November 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.27.523Open or private purchase8,247.714$21.80$600.00$179,800.16
2nd December 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.323Grant/award etc.8,642.974$24.00$7,752.00$207,431.37
2nd December 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.17.331Open or private purchase8,319.974$23.08$400.00$192,025.00
2nd January 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.17.324Open or private purchase8,756.256$23.09$400.00$202,181.94
5th February 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.17.437Open or private purchase8,773.693$22.94$400.00$201,268.51
2nd March 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.295Grant/award etc.9,086.314$23.68$6,985.60$215,163.91
2nd March 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.17.621Open or private purchase8,791.314$22.70$400.00$199,562.82
5th March 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.1,267.783Grant/award etc.10,354.096$0.00
1st April 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.23.392Open or private purchase10,535.432$17.10$400.00$180,155.89
1st May 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.36.298Open or private purchase10,572.745$16.53$600.00$174,767.47
1st June 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.474Grant/award etc.11,072.271$16.35$7,749.90$181,031.64
1st June 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.25.527Open or private purchase10,598.271$15.67$400.00$166,074.91
1st July 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.23.068Open or private purchase11,256.98$17.34$400.00$195,196.03
4th August 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.25.445Open or private purchase11,287.218$15.72$400.00$177,435.07
1st September 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.309Grant/award etc.11,622.058$16.20$5,005.80$188,277.34
1st September 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.25.84Open or private purchase11,313.058$15.48$400.00$175,126.14