John G Coburn

LRAD 240,202 shares

The estimated Net Worth of John G Coburn is at least $521,238.34. John G Coburn owns over 240,202 units of LRAD Corp. stock worth over $521,238.34.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
20th March 2019LRAD - LRAD Corp.25,000Exercise of derivative116,660$0.00
12th March 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.30,000Exercise of derivative221,660$0.00
10th March 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.30,000Grant/award etc.191,660$0.00
19th March 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.1,060Open or private purchase240,202$2.17$2,300.20$521,238.34
9th March 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.17,382Open or private purchase239,142$2.95$51,276.90$705,468.90
6th March 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.100Open or private purchase221,760$2.95$295.00$654,192.00
10th September 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.20,000Exercise of derivative236,488$2.16$43,200.00$510,814.08
27th August 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.30,000Exercise of derivative195,202$1.76$52,800.00$343,555.52
4th September 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.20,000Exercise of derivative216,488$2.02$40,400.00$437,305.76
3rd September 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.1,286Open or private purchase196,488$4.45$5,722.70$874,371.60