Tamesa Rogers, SVP, HR

NTGR 30,159 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Tamesa Rogers is at least $1,121,613.21. Tamesa Rogers owns over 30,159 units of NETGEAR, Inc. stock worth over $1,121,613.21.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th January 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,986Open or private sale30,159$37.19$73,859.34$1,121,613.21
15th January 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,986Exercise of derivative32,145$31.28$62,122.08$1,005,495.60
1st February 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,987Open or private sale29,185$39.45$78,387.15$1,151,348.25
1st February 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,987Exercise of derivative31,172$31.28$62,153.36$975,060.16
31st January 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.974Payment by withholding29,185$39.61$38,580.14$1,156,017.85
1st March 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,986Open or private sale29,274$36.00$71,496.00$1,053,864.00
1st March 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,986Exercise of derivative31,171$18.58$36,899.88$579,157.18
1st April 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,986Open or private sale28,841$33.17$65,875.62$956,655.97
1st April 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,242Exercise of derivative30,827$18.58$23,076.36$572,765.66
1st April 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.744Exercise of derivative29,585$18.60$13,838.40$550,281.00
31st March 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.433Payment by withholding28,841$33.12$14,340.96$955,213.92
1st May 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,987Open or private sale28,841$31.06$61,716.22$895,801.46
1st May 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,987Exercise of derivative30,828$18.60$36,958.20$573,400.80
30th June 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,211Payment by withholding27,630$25.29$30,626.19$698,762.70
19th July 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.15,000Grant/award etc.42,630$0.00
25th July 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.3,724Open or private sale42,630$31.00$115,444.00$1,321,530.00
25th July 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,489Exercise of derivative46,354$19.33$28,782.37$896,022.82
25th July 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.2,235Exercise of derivative44,865$18.60$41,571.00$834,489.00
1st August 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,987Open or private sale42,630$33.77$67,100.99$1,439,615.10
1st August 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,987Exercise of derivative44,617$19.33$38,408.71$862,446.61
3rd September 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,986Open or private sale42,688$34.22$67,960.92$1,460,783.36
3rd September 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,986Exercise of derivative44,616$19.33$38,389.38$862,427.28
1st October 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,987Open or private sale42,688$32.22$64,021.14$1,375,407.36
1st October 2019NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,987Exercise of derivative44,675$19.33$38,408.71$863,567.75
3rd February 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.14,899Open or private sale38,632$25.58$381,116.42$988,206.56
3rd February 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.14,899Exercise of derivative53,531$20.98$312,581.02$1,123,080.38
3rd February 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,589Open or private sale38,632$25.77$40,948.53$995,546.64
3rd February 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,589Exercise of derivative40,221$19.69$31,287.41$791,951.49
3rd February 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.3,000Open or private sale38,632$25.41$76,230.00$981,639.12
31st January 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,056Payment by withholding41,632$25.72$27,160.32$1,070,775.04
31st March 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.433Payment by withholding38,199$22.84$9,889.72$872,465.16
9th April 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.4,474Open or private sale36,673$25.00$111,850.00$916,825.00
9th April 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.4,474Exercise of derivative41,147$19.32$86,437.68$794,960.04
9th April 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,526Open or private sale36,673$25.00$38,150.00$916,825.00
17th April 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.16,875Grant/award etc.53,655$0.00
19th May 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.2,183Open or private sale52,838$25.00$54,575.00$1,320,950.00
19th May 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.2,183Exercise of derivative55,021$19.32$42,175.56$1,063,005.72
19th May 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.817Open or private sale52,838$25.00$20,425.00$1,320,950.00
1st June 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.3,000Open or private sale52,838$25.72$77,160.00$1,358,993.36
1st June 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.3,000Exercise of derivative55,838$19.32$57,960.00$1,078,790.16
1st July 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,365Open or private sale50,338$25.70$35,080.50$1,293,686.60
1st July 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,365Exercise of derivative51,703$19.32$26,371.80$998,901.96
1st July 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,635Open or private sale50,338$25.70$42,019.50$1,293,686.60
30th June 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.865Payment by withholding51,973$25.89$22,394.85$1,345,580.97
31st July 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.1,297Payment by withholding49,041$30.75$39,882.75$1,508,010.75
3rd August 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.547Open or private sale46,588$31.07$16,995.29$1,447,489.16
3rd August 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.547Exercise of derivative47,135$19.32$10,568.04$910,648.20
3rd August 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.2,453Open or private sale46,588$31.31$76,803.43$1,458,670.28
1st September 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.3,000Open or private sale46,588$33.09$99,270.00$1,541,596.92
1st September 2020NTGR - NETGEAR, Inc.3,000Exercise of derivative49,588$19.32$57,960.00$958,040.16