Michael Q Simonds, EVP, Chief Operating Officer

UNM 86,628 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Michael Q Simonds is at least $3,146,328.96. Michael Q Simonds owns over 86,628 units of Unum Group stock worth over $3,146,328.96.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
18th February 2019UNM - Unum Group5,171Payment by withholding86,628$36.32$187,810.72$3,146,328.96
18th February 2019UNM - Unum Group17,487.458Grant/award etc.91,799$0.00
23rd February 2019UNM - Unum Group1,815Payment by withholding84,813$37.27$67,645.05$3,160,980.51
1st March 2019UNM - Unum Group16,107Grant/award etc.98,177$0.00
1st March 2019UNM - Unum Group1,726Payment by withholding82,070$37.67$65,018.42$3,091,576.90
1st March 2019UNM - Unum Group1,017Payment by withholding83,796$37.67$38,310.39$3,156,595.32
25th February 2020UNM - Unum Group2,792Payment by withholding108,592$25.60$71,475.20$2,779,955.20
25th February 2020UNM - Unum Group9,495.14Grant/award etc.111,384$0.00
1st March 2020UNM - Unum Group26,426Grant/award etc.131,126$0.00
1st March 2020UNM - Unum Group1,619Payment by withholding104,700$23.31$37,738.89$2,440,557.00
1st March 2020UNM - Unum Group1,186Payment by withholding106,319$23.31$27,645.66$2,478,295.89
1st March 2020UNM - Unum Group1,087Payment by withholding107,505$23.31$25,337.97$2,505,941.55
24th August 2020UNM - Unum Group46,592Grant/award etc.181,546$0.00