Amy Hood, EVP, Chief Financial Officer

MSFT 478,971 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Amy Hood is at least $53,726,177.07. Amy Hood owns over 478,971 units of Microsoft Corp. stock worth over $53,726,177.07.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
28th February 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.12,814Payment by withholding478,971$112.17$1,437,346.38$53,726,177.07
14th September 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.32,147Grant/award etc.484,867$0.00
14th May 2019MMM - 3M Co.976.619Grant/award etc.2,085.274$0.00
3rd September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.80,306Payment by withholding557,709$137.86$11,070,985.16$76,885,762.74
3rd September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.159,044Grant/award etc.638,015$0.00
4th September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.123,769Open or private sale433,940$137.26$16,988,656.71$59,563,038.34
18th September 2019MSFT - Microsoft Corp.40,621Grant/award etc.474,561$0.00
2nd March 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.9,492Payment by withholding465,069$162.01$1,537,798.92$75,345,828.69
12th May 2020MMM - 3M Co.1,166.541Grant/award etc.3,326.94$0.00
31st August 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.66,135Payment by withholding532,720$228.91$15,138,962.85$121,944,935.20
31st August 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.133,786Grant/award etc.598,855$0.00
3rd September 2020MSFT - Microsoft Corp.80,000Open or private sale452,720$218.14$17,451,200.00$98,756,340.80