Eric Stier, SVP & General Counsel

GNMK 183,733 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Eric Stier is at least $1,084,024.70. Eric Stier owns over 183,733 units of GenMark Diagnostics, Inc. stock worth over $1,084,024.70.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
17th January 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.8,685Exercise of derivative187,329$0.00
23rd January 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.3,596Open or private sale183,733$5.90$21,216.40$1,084,024.70
20th February 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,986Open or private sale252,997$6.16$12,233.76$1,558,461.52
18th February 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.71,250Grant/award etc.254,983$0.00
25th February 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.11,243Open or private sale241,754$6.80$76,452.40$1,643,927.20
21st May 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,652Open or private sale240,102$6.83$11,283.16$1,639,896.66
24th May 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.986Open or private sale239,116$6.62$6,527.32$1,582,947.92
30th May 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,564Open or private sale237,552$6.60$10,322.40$1,567,843.20
20th August 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,703Open or private sale235,849$6.25$10,643.75$1,474,056.25
27th August 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.2,558Open or private sale233,291$6.03$15,424.74$1,406,744.73
20th November 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,633Open or private sale231,658$5.55$9,063.15$1,285,701.90
25th November 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.2,522Open or private sale229,136$5.43$13,694.46$1,244,208.48
23rd January 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.4,636Open or private sale235,244$4.93$22,855.48$1,159,752.92
23rd January 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.10,744Exercise of derivative239,880$0.00
20th February 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.9,348Open or private sale225,896$3.80$35,522.40$858,404.80
25th February 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.985Open or private sale303,661$3.81$3,752.85$1,156,948.41
25th February 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.39,375Grant/award etc.304,646$0.00
25th February 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.39,375Grant/award etc.265,271$0.00
27th February 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,806Open or private sale301,855$3.51$6,339.06$1,059,511.05
19th May 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,566Open or private sale300,289$10.46$16,380.36$3,141,022.94
28th May 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.2,602Open or private sale297,687$9.52$24,771.04$2,833,980.24
20th August 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,606Open or private sale296,081$15.41$24,748.46$4,562,608.21
25th August 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.2,684Open or private sale293,397$14.14$37,951.76$4,148,633.58