Jeffrey P. Bialos

MICT 205,000 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Jeffrey P. Bialos is at least $991,052.00. Jeffrey P. Bialos owns over 205,000 units of MICT, Inc. stock worth over $991,052.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
5th February 2019MICT - MICT, Inc.80,000Grant/award etc.122,424$0.00
26th August 2020MICT - MICT, Inc.16,200Open or private sale205,000$4.83$78,317.28$991,052.00
26th August 2020MICT - MICT, Inc.1,224Open or private sale221,200$4.90$5,997.60$1,083,880.00
28th August 2020MICT - MICT, Inc.13,000Open or private sale185,000$4.94$64,181.00$913,345.00
27th August 2020MICT - MICT, Inc.1,500Open or private sale198,000$4.80$7,200.15$950,419.80
27th August 2020MICT - MICT, Inc.5,500Open or private sale199,500$5.15$28,344.25$1,028,123.25