Paul H Pickle, President & CEO

LTRX 7,716 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Paul H Pickle is at least $21,249.86. Paul H Pickle owns over 7,716 units of Lantronix, Inc. stock worth over $21,249.86.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th November 2019LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.7,716Other acquisition or disposition7,716$2.75$21,249.86$21,249.86
6th March 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.10,000Open or private purchase17,716$2.95$29,514.00$52,287.00
12th March 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.10,000Open or private purchase27,716$2.06$20,573.00$57,020.13
15th May 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.7,716Other acquisition or disposition35,432$2.75$21,249.86$97,579.73
1st June 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.21,576Payment by withholding76,356$3.64$78,536.64$277,935.84
1st June 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.62,500Exercise of derivative97,932$0.00
1st September 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.5,403Payment by withholding155,981$5.21$28,149.63$812,661.01
1st September 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.15,625Exercise of derivative161,384$0.00
31st August 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.36,686Payment by withholding145,759$5.37$197,003.82$782,725.83
31st August 2020LTRX - Lantronix, Inc.106,089Grant/award etc.182,445$0.00