Iii Donald J Umpleby, Chairman & CEO

CAT 58,590 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Iii Donald J Umpleby is at least $7,720,990.20. Iii Donald J Umpleby owns over 58,590 units of Caterpillar Inc. stock worth over $7,720,990.20.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
12th February 2019CAT - Caterpillar Inc.6,848Payment by withholding58,590$131.78$902,429.44$7,720,990.20
12th February 2019CAT - Caterpillar Inc.18,029Grant/award etc.65,438$0.00
29th May 2019CVX - Chevron Corp.1,901Grant/award etc.4,309$0.00
28th October 2019CAT - Caterpillar Inc.1,764Payment by withholding60,810$140.25$247,401.00$8,528,602.50
28th October 2019CAT - Caterpillar Inc.2,797Sale back to the issuer62,574$140.25$392,279.25$8,776,003.50
28th October 2019CAT - Caterpillar Inc.6,781Exercise of derivative65,371$57.85$392,280.85$3,781,712.35
4th November 2019CAT - Caterpillar Inc.3,021Payment by withholding63,776$146.01$441,096.21$9,311,933.76
4th November 2019CAT - Caterpillar Inc.15,875Sale back to the issuer66,797$146.01$2,317,908.75$9,753,029.97
4th November 2019CAT - Caterpillar Inc.22,696Exercise of derivative82,672$102.13$2,317,942.48$8,443,291.36
11th February 2020CAT - Caterpillar Inc.15,684Payment by withholding79,092$136.15$2,135,376.60$10,768,375.80
11th February 2020CAT - Caterpillar Inc.37,895Grant/award etc.94,776$0.00
27th May 2020CVX - Chevron Corp.2,411Grant/award etc.6,806$0.00
2nd September 2020CAT - Caterpillar Inc.62,310Payment by withholding50,001$148.73$9,267,366.30$7,436,648.73
2nd September 2020CAT - Caterpillar Inc.79,976Exercise of derivative112,311$89.75$7,177,846.00$10,079,912.25
2nd September 2020CAT - Caterpillar Inc.18,323Payment by withholding32,335$148.62$2,723,164.26$4,805,627.70
2nd September 2020CAT - Caterpillar Inc.21,416Exercise of derivative50,658$110.09$2,357,687.44$5,576,939.22