John Mc Avoy, Chairman, President & CEO

ED 133,723.082 shares

The estimated Net Worth of John Mc Avoy is at least $10,403,655.78. John Mc Avoy owns over 133,723.082 units of Consolidated Edison, Inc. stock worth over $10,403,655.78.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
30th September 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.74.436Open or private purchase133,723.082$77.80$5,791.12$10,403,655.78
31st December 2018ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.59.725Open or private purchase125,079.955$81.94$4,893.87$10,249,051.51
31st January 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.30.432Open or private purchase125,110.387$76.09$2,315.57$9,519,649.35
20th February 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.85,842Sale back to the issuer125,110.39$78.87$6,770,358.54$9,867,456.46
20th February 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.85,842Exercise of derivative210,952.39$0.00
28th February 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.29.419Open or private purchase125,139.809$78.71$2,315.57$9,849,754.37
31st March 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.60.185Open or private purchase126,250.913$84.61$5,092.25$10,682,089.75
30th April 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.27.551Open or private purchase126,278.464$84.04$2,315.39$10,612,442.11
31st May 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.26.844Open or private purchase126,305.308$86.26$2,315.56$10,895,095.87
30th June 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.58.669Open or private purchase127,381.425$88.44$5,188.69$11,265,613.23
31st July 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.26.51Open or private purchase127,407.935$87.35$2,315.65$11,129,083.12
31st August 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.26.601Open or private purchase127,434.536$87.05$2,315.62$11,093,176.36
30th September 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.58.246Open or private purchase128,504.225$90.66$5,280.58$11,650,193.04
31st October 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.24.907Open or private purchase128,529.132$92.97$2,315.60$11,949,353.40
30th November 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.26.577Open or private purchase128,555.709$87.13$2,315.65$11,201,058.93
31st December 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.61.013Open or private purchase129,659.488$87.88$5,361.82$11,394,475.81
31st January 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.25.654Open or private purchase129,685.142$90.26$2,315.53$11,705,380.92
19th February 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.80,101Sale back to the issuer129,685.142$94.35$7,557,529.35$12,235,793.15
19th February 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.80,101Exercise of derivative209,786.142$0.00
29th February 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.24.861Open or private purchase129,710.003$93.14$2,315.55$12,081,189.68
31st March 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.67.927Open or private purchase130,862.045$82.01$5,570.69$10,731,996.31
30th April 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.28.026Open or private purchase130,890.071$82.62$2,315.51$10,814,137.67
31st May 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.31.742Open or private purchase130,921.813$72.95$2,315.58$9,550,746.26
30th June 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.75.832Open or private purchase132,275.269$74.81$5,672.99$9,895,512.87
31st July 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.31.256Open or private purchase132,306.525$74.08$2,315.44$9,801,267.37
31st August 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.31.359Open or private purchase132,337.884$73.84$2,315.55$9,771,829.35