Andrew D Ross, VP, Pres-Fluid Connectors

PH 21,585 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Andrew D Ross is at least $3,928,901.70. Andrew D Ross owns over 21,585 units of Parker-Hannifin Corp. stock worth over $3,928,901.70.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
26th April 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.3,391Payment by withholding21,585$182.02$617,229.82$3,928,901.70
26th April 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.8,937Grant/award etc.24,976$0.00
12th June 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.5,546Sale back to the issuer16,039$165.07$915,450.49$2,647,477.54
1st November 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.1,939Open or private sale16,039$193.82$375,810.00$3,108,621.24
1st November 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.6,061Payment by withholding17,978$193.75$1,174,318.75$3,483,237.50
1st November 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.8,000Exercise of derivative24,039$106.18$849,440.00$2,552,461.02
11th February 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.2,385Open or private sale13,654$211.83$505,211.45$2,892,309.07
27th April 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.3,132Payment by withholding19,141$134.95$422,663.40$2,583,077.95
27th April 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.8,619Grant/award etc.22,273$0.00
1st May 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.50Bona fide gift19,091$0.00
5th June 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.5,000Open or private sale14,091$205.18$1,025,913.50$2,891,229.43
2nd September 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.2,281Open or private sale14,091$213.72$487,495.32$3,011,528.52
2nd September 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.6,759Payment by withholding16,372$213.70$1,444,398.30$3,498,696.40
2nd September 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.9,040Exercise of derivative23,131$113.19$1,023,237.60$2,618,197.89