Kevin Pollack

MNGA 166,731 shares
PBIO 18,201 shares
TRNF 2,736,611 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Kevin Pollack is at least $414,853.55. Kevin Pollack owns over 166,731 units of Taronis Technologies, Inc. stock worth over $105,040.53.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st April 2019MNGA - Taronis Technologies, Inc.166,667Grant/award etc.166,731$0.63$105,000.21$105,040.53
28th June 2019PBIO - Pressure BioSciences, Inc.322Other acquisition or disposition18,201$3.19$1,026.89$58,044.81
28th June 2019PBIO - Pressure BioSciences, Inc.517Other acquisition or disposition17,879$2.03$1,049.51$36,294.37
19th August 2019PBIO - Pressure BioSciences, Inc.367Other acquisition or disposition18,568$2.83$1,038.61$52,547.44
14th August 2019MNGA - Taronis Technologies, Inc.93,750Grant/award etc.260,814$0.80$75,000.00$208,651.20
6th December 2019PBIO - Pressure BioSciences, Inc.379Other acquisition or disposition18,947$2.77$1,049.83$52,483.19
7th October 2019MNGA - Taronis Technologies, Inc.88,719Grant/award etc.122,132$1.72$152,596.68$210,067.04
21st November 2019MNGA - Taronis Technologies, Inc.384,507Grant/award etc.525,583$1.74$669,042.18$914,514.42
29th April 2020PBIO - Pressure BioSciences, Inc.742Other acquisition or disposition19,310$1.34$994.28$25,875.40
8th June 2020PBIO - Pressure BioSciences, Inc.490Other acquisition or disposition19,800$2.45$1,200.50$48,510.00
30th March 2020TRNF - Taronis Fuels, Inc.108,696Open or private purchase2,736,611$0.09$10,000.03$251,768.21
28th August 2020PBIO - Pressure BioSciences, Inc.443Other acquisition or disposition20,243$2.32$1,027.76$46,963.76