Frithjof Oldorff, President, Autoliv Europe

ALV 1,879 shares
THRM 46,187 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Frithjof Oldorff is at least $2,080,874.17. Frithjof Oldorff owns over 1,879 units of Autoliv, Inc. stock worth over $152,105.05.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
27th October 2020ALV - Autoliv, Inc.1,095Open or private sale1,879$80.95$88,640.25$152,105.05
22nd February 2019THRM - Gentherm Incorporated1,255Payment by withholding46,187$41.76$52,408.80$1,928,769.12
24th February 2019THRM - Gentherm Incorporated1,054Payment by withholding45,133$42.78$45,090.12$1,930,789.74
25th February 2019THRM - Gentherm Incorporated4,749Grant/award etc.49,882$0.00
3rd April 2019THRM - Gentherm Incorporated3,434Payment by withholding46,448$38.24$131,316.16$1,776,171.52
4th June 2019THRM - Gentherm Incorporated10,230Open or private sale36,218$38.79$396,798.17$1,404,812.92
11th June 2019THRM - Gentherm Incorporated1,201Payment by withholding35,017$39.84$47,847.84$1,395,077.28
1st September 2020ALV - Autoliv, Inc.2,974Exercise of derivative2,974$0.00