William Joseph Burke, Executive VP - CFO

AME 12,279 shares

The estimated Net Worth of William Joseph Burke is at least $1,524,069.48. William Joseph Burke owns over 12,279 units of AMETEK, Inc. stock worth over $1,524,069.48.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
12th January 2021AME - AMETEK, Inc.30Other acquisition or disposition12,279$124.12$3,723.60$1,524,069.48
12th January 2021AME - AMETEK, Inc.8Other acquisition or disposition3,190$124.12$992.96$395,942.80
12th January 2021AME - AMETEK, Inc.874Payment by withholding71,385$124.12$108,480.88$8,860,306.20
23rd December 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.18,259Open or private sale72,259$118.60$2,165,592.26$8,570,213.66
23rd December 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.18,259Exercise of derivative90,518$46.96$857,442.64$4,250,725.28
22nd December 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.4,781Open or private sale72,259$118.52$566,657.03$8,564,331.78
22nd December 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.4,781Exercise of derivative77,040$46.96$224,515.76$3,617,798.40
21st December 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.1,722Open or private sale72,259$118.54$204,120.54$8,565,357.86
21st December 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.1,722Exercise of derivative73,981$46.96$80,865.12$3,474,147.76
18th December 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.238Open or private sale72,259$118.51$28,205.38$8,563,414.09
18th December 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.238Exercise of derivative72,497$46.96$11,176.48$3,404,459.12
3rd December 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.45Bona fide gift72,259$0.00
27th November 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.65Bona fide gift72,304$0.00
23rd November 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.65Bona fide gift72,369$0.00
7th October 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.2Bona fide gift72,434$0.00
15th January 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.87Other acquisition or disposition11,838$0.00
27th November 2018AME - AMETEK, Inc.100Bona fide gift68,159$0.00
26th November 2018AME - AMETEK, Inc.30Bona fide gift68,259$0.00
7th May 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.20Other acquisition or disposition11,858$0.00
6th May 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.1,093Payment by withholding66,936$86.52$94,566.36$5,791,302.72
6th March 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.130Bona fide gift68,029$0.00
9th May 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.817Payment by withholding70,405$85.45$69,812.65$6,016,107.25
9th May 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.5,100Grant/award etc.71,222$85.45$435,795.00$6,085,919.90
8th May 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.100Bona fide gift66,122$0.00
8th May 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.714Payment by withholding66,222$85.49$61,039.86$5,661,318.78
18th June 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.16,322Open or private sale70,405$86.51$1,411,952.56$6,090,461.97
18th June 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.16,322Exercise of derivative86,727$41.70$680,627.40$3,616,515.90
7th November 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.1,258Payment by withholding69,147$96.20$121,019.60$6,651,941.40
6th November 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.25Bona fide gift70,274$0.00
5th November 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.105Bona fide gift70,299$0.00
21st October 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.1Bona fide gift70,404$0.00
8th November 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.36Other acquisition or disposition11,894$0.00
19th November 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.12,510Open or private sale69,016$98.51$1,232,383.87$6,798,897.29
19th November 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.12,510Exercise of derivative81,526$53.13$664,656.30$4,331,476.38
13th February 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.294Other acquisition or disposition12,188$101.44$29,823.36$1,236,350.72
23rd December 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.1Bona fide gift68,960$0.00
12th December 2019AME - AMETEK, Inc.55Bona fide gift68,961$0.00
18th March 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.3,189Discretionary transaction3,189$65.65$209,357.85$209,357.85
20th March 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.6,070Grant/award etc.75,030$63.37$384,655.90$4,754,651.10
11th May 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.260Bona fide gift72,436$0.00
11th May 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.1,620Payment by withholding72,696$83.24$134,848.80$6,051,215.04
8th May 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.714Payment by withholding74,316$84.32$60,204.48$6,266,325.12
1st September 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.16,418Open or private sale72,436$102.05$1,675,445.41$7,392,043.09
1st September 2020AME - AMETEK, Inc.16,418Exercise of derivative88,854$52.27$858,168.86$4,644,398.58