Daniel L Jablonsky, President and CEO

MAXR 337,610 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Daniel L Jablonsky is at least $11,343,696.00. Daniel L Jablonsky owns over 337,610 units of Maxar Technologies Inc. stock worth over $11,343,696.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
18th December 2020MAXR - Maxar Technologies Inc.1,923Payment by withholding337,610$33.60$64,612.80$11,343,696.00
8th February 2019MAXR - Maxar Technologies Inc.452Payment by withholding41,851$5.80$2,621.60$242,735.80
18th February 2019MAXR - Maxar Technologies Inc.296Payment by withholding41,146$6.02$1,781.92$247,698.92
17th February 2019MAXR - Maxar Technologies Inc.409Payment by withholding41,442$6.02$2,462.18$249,480.84
5th March 2019MAXR - Maxar Technologies Inc.20,000Grant/award etc.77,260$5.15$102,960.00$397,734.48
14th May 2019MAXR - Maxar Technologies Inc.117,508Grant/award etc.194,768$0.00
18th December 2019MAXR - Maxar Technologies Inc.1,230Payment by withholding193,538$12.93$15,903.90$2,502,446.34
11th February 2020MAXR - Maxar Technologies Inc.446Open or private sale193,115$17.98$8,019.08$3,472,207.70
19th February 2020MAXR - Maxar Technologies Inc.485Open or private sale194,802$17.85$8,657.25$3,477,215.70
28th February 2020MAXR - Maxar Technologies Inc.80,129Grant/award etc.274,931$0.00
13th April 2020MAXR - Maxar Technologies Inc.21,246Payment by withholding309,043$10.68$226,907.28$3,300,579.24
13th April 2020MAXR - Maxar Technologies Inc.49,668Grant/award etc.329,048$0.00
13th May 2020MAXR - Maxar Technologies Inc.44,545Grant/award etc.353,588$0.00
14th May 2020MAXR - Maxar Technologies Inc.17,055Payment by withholding336,533$9.27$158,099.85$3,119,660.91
1st September 2020MAXR - Maxar Technologies Inc.3,000Open or private purchase339,533$22.69$68,060.40$7,702,917.26