Michael Gleeson, SVP, Corp. Accounts

GNMK 367,487 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Michael Gleeson is at least $2,168,173.30. Michael Gleeson owns over 367,487 units of GenMark Diagnostics, Inc. stock worth over $2,168,173.30.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
17th January 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.9,600Exercise of derivative371,461$0.00
23rd January 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.3,974Open or private sale367,487$5.90$23,446.60$2,168,173.30
20th February 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.2,121Open or private sale440,366$6.16$13,065.36$2,712,654.56
18th February 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.75,000Grant/award etc.442,487$0.00
25th February 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.12,097Open or private sale428,269$6.79$82,138.63$2,907,946.51
28th February 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.18,464Open or private sale383,101$7.84$144,757.76$3,003,511.84
27th February 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.26,704Open or private sale401,565$7.96$212,563.84$3,196,457.40
15th April 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.10,000Open or private sale373,101$7.51$75,100.00$2,801,988.51
6th May 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.10,000Open or private sale363,101$8.00$80,000.00$2,904,808.00
21st May 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,766Open or private sale361,335$6.83$12,061.78$2,467,918.05
24th May 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,029Open or private sale360,306$6.62$6,811.98$2,385,225.72
30th May 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,729Open or private sale358,577$6.60$11,411.40$2,366,608.20
20th August 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,821Open or private sale356,756$6.25$11,381.25$2,229,725.00
27th August 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.2,766Open or private sale353,990$6.03$16,678.98$2,134,559.70
20th November 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,746Open or private sale352,244$5.55$9,690.30$1,954,954.20
25th November 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.2,728Open or private sale349,516$5.43$14,813.04$1,897,871.88
26th November 2019GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.20,099Open or private sale329,417$5.60$112,554.40$1,844,735.20
23rd January 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.4,988Open or private sale335,992$4.93$24,590.84$1,656,440.56
23rd January 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.11,563Exercise of derivative340,980$0.00
20th February 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.9,701Open or private sale326,291$3.80$36,863.80$1,239,905.80
25th February 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,053Open or private sale411,488$3.81$4,011.93$1,567,769.28
25th February 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.43,125Grant/award etc.412,541$0.00
25th February 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.43,125Grant/award etc.369,416$0.00
27th February 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,996Open or private sale409,492$3.51$7,005.96$1,437,316.92
7th May 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.28,718Payment by withholding437,590$12.84$368,739.12$5,618,655.60
7th May 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.56,816Exercise of derivative466,308$6.49$368,735.84$3,026,338.92
19th May 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,648Open or private sale435,942$10.46$17,238.08$4,559,953.32
28th May 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.2,815Open or private sale433,127$9.52$26,798.80$4,123,369.04
13th August 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.78,725Other acquisition or disposition354,402$0.00
20th August 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.1,691Open or private sale354,944$15.41$26,058.31$5,469,687.04
25th August 2020GNMK - GenMark Diagnostics, Inc.2,904Open or private sale352,040$14.14$41,062.56$4,977,845.60