Michael O Randolfi, SVP, Chief Financial Officer

GRPN 480,285 shares
DV 78,090 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Michael O Randolfi is at least $4,444,697.00. Michael O Randolfi owns over 480,285 units of Groupon, Inc. stock worth over $1,810,674.45.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
25th January 2019GRPN - Groupon, Inc.15,238Payment by withholding480,285$3.77$57,447.26$1,810,674.45
25th January 2019GRPN - Groupon, Inc.47,143Exercise of derivative495,523$0.00
12th February 2019GRPN - Groupon, Inc.4,923Payment by withholding511,786$3.96$19,495.08$2,026,672.56
12th February 2019GRPN - Groupon, Inc.14,226Grant/award etc.516,709$0.00
12th February 2019GRPN - Groupon, Inc.10,112Payment by withholding502,483$3.96$40,043.52$1,989,832.68
12th February 2019GRPN - Groupon, Inc.32,310Grant/award etc.512,595$0.00
15th March 2019GRPN - Groupon, Inc.4,237Payment by withholding553,535$3.53$14,956.61$1,953,978.55
15th March 2019GRPN - Groupon, Inc.14,459Exercise of derivative557,772$0.00
15th March 2019GRPN - Groupon, Inc.25,076Payment by withholding543,313$3.53$88,518.28$1,917,894.89
15th March 2019GRPN - Groupon, Inc.56,603Exercise of derivative568,389$0.00
25th April 2019GRPN - Groupon, Inc.14,597Payment by withholding586,081$3.51$51,235.47$2,057,144.31
25th April 2019GRPN - Groupon, Inc.47,143Exercise of derivative600,678$0.00
15th June 2019GRPN - Groupon, Inc.13,834Payment by withholding603,473$3.57$49,387.38$2,154,398.61
15th June 2019GRPN - Groupon, Inc.31,226Exercise of derivative617,307$0.00
15th November 2019DV - DEVRY EDUCATION GROUP INC.32,000Open or private purchase78,090$33.73$1,079,379.20$2,634,022.55
26th August 2020DV - DEVRY EDUCATION GROUP INC.11,450Grant/award etc.89,540$0.00
28th August 2020DV - DEVRY EDUCATION GROUP INC.5,149Payment by withholding84,391$33.41$172,028.09$2,819,503.31