Kelly Schmidt, Vice President and Controller

OC 14,491 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Kelly Schmidt is at least $752,807.45. Kelly Schmidt owns over 14,491 units of Owens Corning stock worth over $752,807.45.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st February 2019OC - Owens Corning320Payment by withholding14,491$51.95$16,624.00$752,807.45
31st January 2019OC - Owens Corning205Payment by withholding14,811$52.39$10,739.95$775,948.29
4th February 2019OC - Owens Corning696Payment by withholding13,795$52.87$36,797.52$729,341.65
7th February 2019OC - Owens Corning2,062Payment by withholding19,033$51.97$107,162.14$989,145.01
6th February 2019OC - Owens Corning4,500Grant/award etc.21,095$0.00
6th February 2019OC - Owens Corning2,800Grant/award etc.16,595$0.00
6th June 2019OC - Owens Corning2,438Open or private sale16,853$53.03$129,292.02$893,748.30
13th September 2019OC - Owens Corning1,589Open or private sale15,264$60.53$96,174.22$923,853.60
24th October 2019OC - Owens Corning5,674Grant/award etc.20,938$0.00
31st January 2020OC - Owens Corning205Payment by withholding20,966$60.49$12,400.45$1,268,233.34
3rd February 2020OC - Owens Corning691Payment by withholding20,275$61.29$42,351.39$1,242,654.75
6th February 2020OC - Owens Corning1,897Payment by withholding24,528$62.70$118,941.90$1,537,905.60
5th February 2020OC - Owens Corning3,450Grant/award etc.26,425$0.00
5th February 2020OC - Owens Corning2,700Grant/award etc.22,975$0.00
6th August 2020OC - Owens Corning9,900Open or private sale24,774$65.18$645,291.90$1,614,794.09
6th August 2020OC - Owens Corning5,000Exercise of derivative34,674$37.15$185,750.00$1,288,139.10
6th August 2020OC - Owens Corning4,900Exercise of derivative29,674$42.16$206,584.00$1,251,055.84
25th August 2020OC - Owens Corning4,967Open or private sale19,807$69.00$342,723.00$1,366,683.00