Toh Seng Ng, EVP, Special Projects

FN 70,266 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Toh Seng Ng is at least $3,866,667.71. Toh Seng Ng owns over 70,266 units of Fabrinet stock worth over $3,866,667.71.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th February 2019FN - Fabrinet10,000Open or private sale70,266$55.03$550,290.00$3,866,667.71
14th February 2019FN - Fabrinet10,000Open or private sale80,266$54.43$544,270.00$4,368,637.58
25th February 2019FN - Fabrinet14,518Open or private sale45,748$58.85$854,340.75$2,692,132.56
22nd February 2019FN - Fabrinet10,000Open or private sale60,266$56.94$569,390.00$3,431,485.77
18th August 2019FN - Fabrinet3,500Payment by withholding42,248$55.57$194,495.00$2,347,721.36
24th August 2019FN - Fabrinet3,960Payment by withholding69,963$47.59$188,456.40$3,329,539.17
23rd August 2019FN - Fabrinet3,817Payment by withholding73,923$47.59$181,651.03$3,517,995.57
22nd August 2019FN - Fabrinet35,492Grant/award etc.77,740$0.00
6th September 2019FN - Fabrinet6,278Open or private sale58,685$53.76$337,473.89$3,154,612.18
5th September 2019FN - Fabrinet5,000Open or private sale64,963$53.70$268,520.00$3,488,772.95
11th August 2020FN - Fabrinet11,842Payment by withholding69,336$73.09$865,531.78$5,067,768.24
11th August 2020FN - Fabrinet22,493Grant/award etc.81,178$0.00
20th August 2020FN - Fabrinet5,448Grant/award etc.74,784$0.00
23rd August 2020FN - Fabrinet4,021Payment by withholding64,534$69.12$277,931.52$4,460,590.08
22nd August 2020FN - Fabrinet6,229Payment by withholding68,555$69.12$430,548.48$4,738,521.60
24th August 2020FN - Fabrinet4,171Payment by withholding60,363$69.61$290,343.31$4,201,868.43
1st September 2020FN - Fabrinet11,000Open or private sale49,363$67.86$746,449.00$3,349,723.82
4th September 2020FN - Fabrinet100Open or private sale36,746$64.74$6,474.00$2,378,936.04
4th September 2020FN - Fabrinet12,517Open or private sale36,846$64.12$802,627.59$2,362,676.06