Catherine Ann Halligan

FLIR 33,998 shares
ULTA 2,350 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Catherine Ann Halligan is at least $2,464,903.98. Catherine Ann Halligan owns over 33,998 units of FLIR Systems, Inc. stock worth over $1,836,231.98.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd February 2021FLIR - FLIR Systems, Inc.5,938Payment by withholding33,998$54.01$320,711.38$1,836,231.98
2nd February 2021FLIR - FLIR Systems, Inc.8,721Exercise of derivative39,936$36.73$320,322.33$1,466,849.28
2nd February 2021FLIR - FLIR Systems, Inc.8,144Payment by withholding31,215$54.01$439,857.44$1,685,922.15
2nd February 2021FLIR - FLIR Systems, Inc.14,285Exercise of derivative39,359$30.75$439,263.75$1,210,289.25
2nd February 2021FLIR - FLIR Systems, Inc.8,896Payment by withholding25,074$54.01$480,472.96$1,354,246.74
2nd February 2021FLIR - FLIR Systems, Inc.15,400Exercise of derivative33,970$31.15$479,710.00$1,058,165.50
2nd February 2021FLIR - FLIR Systems, Inc.6,843Payment by withholding18,570$54.01$369,590.43$1,002,965.70
2nd February 2021FLIR - FLIR Systems, Inc.10,900Exercise of derivative25,413$33.86$369,074.00$860,484.18
16th December 2020ULTA - Ulta Beauty, Inc.150Open or private sale2,350$267.52$40,128.00$628,672.00
20th March 2019ULTA - Ulta Beauty, Inc.43Bona fide gift2,881$0.00
19th March 2019ULTA - Ulta Beauty, Inc.704Open or private sale2,924$342.97$241,450.88$1,002,844.28
22nd March 2019ULTA - Ulta Beauty, Inc.15Bona fide gift2,866$0.00
26th March 2019ULTA - Ulta Beauty, Inc.100Open or private sale2,766$344.36$34,435.50$952,485.93
26th April 2019FLIR - FLIR Systems, Inc.3,145Grant/award etc.15,142$0.00
5th June 2019ULTA - Ulta Beauty, Inc.445Grant/award etc.3,211$0.00
7th June 2019ULTA - Ulta Beauty, Inc.400Open or private sale2,811$343.02$137,209.36$964,238.78
10th June 2019ULTA - Ulta Beauty, Inc.3Bona fide gift2,808$0.00
20th June 2019ULTA - Ulta Beauty, Inc.144Bona fide gift2,655$0.00
17th June 2019ULTA - Ulta Beauty, Inc.9Bona fide gift2,799$0.00
4th November 2019FLIR - FLIR Systems, Inc.4,500Open or private sale10,646$53.06$238,770.00$564,876.76
30th April 2020FLIR - FLIR Systems, Inc.3,686Grant/award etc.14,412$0.00
3rd June 2020ULTA - Ulta Beauty, Inc.595Grant/award etc.3,250$0.00
5th June 2020ULTA - Ulta Beauty, Inc.500Open or private sale2,750$256.55$128,272.50$705,498.75
1st September 2020ULTA - Ulta Beauty, Inc.250Open or private sale2,500$230.00$57,500.00$575,000.00