Brett P Monia, Chief Executive Officer

IONS 15,837 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Brett P Monia is at least $847,279.50. Brett P Monia owns over 15,837 units of Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. stock worth over $847,279.50.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd January 2019IONS - Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.214Open or private sale15,837$53.50$11,449.00$847,279.50
1st January 2019IONS - Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.210Other acquisition or disposition16,051$36.45$7,654.08$585,026.85
15th January 2019IONS - Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.3,572Payment by withholding22,275$58.26$208,104.72$1,297,741.50
15th January 2019IONS - Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.10,006Exercise of derivative25,847$0.00
2nd July 2019IONS - Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.210Open or private sale22,234$66.40$13,944.00$1,476,337.60
1st July 2019IONS - Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.173Other acquisition or disposition22,444$45.70$7,906.88$1,025,791.80
20th November 2019IONS - Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.5,776Open or private sale16,458$60.01$346,617.76$987,644.58
2nd January 2020IONS - Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.173Open or private sale16,285$60.25$10,423.25$981,171.25
15th January 2020IONS - Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.7,563Payment by withholding28,643$62.06$469,359.78$1,777,584.58
15th January 2020IONS - Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.19,921Exercise of derivative36,206$0.00
29th February 2020IONS - Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.314Other acquisition or disposition28,957$43.16$13,553.18$1,249,870.99
1st September 2020IONS - Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.314Open or private sale28,879$53.70$16,861.80$1,550,802.30
31st August 2020IONS - Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.236Other acquisition or disposition29,193$44.46$10,491.38$1,297,774.82