Investment Company, Inc. Awm

LRAD 4,647,684 shares
EMAN 5,029,524 shares
OPRX 1,346,528 shares
IPWR 240,035 shares
INFU 2,000,000 shares
LIQT 2,043,290 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Investment Company, Inc. Awm is at least $76,851,925.38. Investment Company, Inc. Awm owns over 4,647,684 units of LRAD Corp. stock worth over $30,631,490.94.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
13th October 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.30,987Open or private sale4,647,684$6.59$204,226.02$30,631,490.94
12th October 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.14,013Open or private sale4,678,671$6.52$91,300.30$30,483,413.03
9th October 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.5,000Open or private sale4,692,684$6.45$32,250.00$30,267,811.80
5th October 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.2,275Open or private sale4,697,684$6.40$14,560.00$30,065,177.60
29th September 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.29,000Open or private sale4,699,959$6.13$177,912.10$28,833,778.47
28th September 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.25,000Open or private sale4,728,959$6.13$153,330.00$29,003,651.34
28th September 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.21,000Open or private sale4,753,959$6.08$127,755.60$28,921,184.97
4th January 2019EMAN - eMagin Corp.200Open or private sale5,029,524$0.92$184.02$4,627,665.03
4th January 2019EMAN - eMagin Corp.98,090Open or private sale5,029,724$0.90$88,663.55$4,546,367.52
3rd January 2019EMAN - eMagin Corp.37,673Open or private sale5,127,814$1.00$37,537.38$5,109,353.87
3rd January 2019EMAN - eMagin Corp.127,595Open or private sale5,165,487$0.92$117,961.58$4,775,492.73
3rd January 2019EMAN - eMagin Corp.55,390Open or private sale5,293,082$0.97$53,473.51$5,109,941.36
2nd January 2019EMAN - eMagin Corp.55,442Open or private sale5,348,472$1.07$59,417.19$5,731,957.44
2nd January 2019EMAN - eMagin Corp.25,610Open or private sale5,403,914$1.05$26,921.23$5,680,594.40
8th January 2019EMAN - eMagin Corp.350,900Open or private sale4,492,624$0.89$312,336.09$3,998,884.62
8th January 2019EMAN - eMagin Corp.100,100Open or private sale4,843,524$0.90$90,480.39$4,378,061.34
8th January 2019EMAN - eMagin Corp.24,000Open or private sale4,943,624$0.96$23,140.80$4,766,642.26
8th January 2019EMAN - eMagin Corp.15,000Open or private sale4,967,624$1.00$15,000.00$4,967,624.00
7th January 2019EMAN - eMagin Corp.41,800Open or private sale4,982,624$0.95$39,526.08$4,711,569.25
7th January 2019EMAN - eMagin Corp.5,100Open or private sale5,024,424$0.94$4,795.02$4,723,963.44
18th March 2019OPRX - OptimizeRx Corp.7,760Open or private sale1,346,528$15.15$117,553.14$20,398,014.06
15th March 2019OPRX - OptimizeRx Corp.13,637Open or private sale1,354,288$15.00$204,555.00$20,314,320.00
13th May 2019OPRX - OptimizeRx Corp.7,126Open or private sale1,264,402$13.72$97,744.49$17,343,296.47
10th May 2019OPRX - OptimizeRx Corp.25,000Open or private sale1,271,528$13.76$343,885.00$17,490,376.25
9th May 2019OPRX - OptimizeRx Corp.50,000Open or private sale1,296,528$13.57$678,595.00$17,596,348.36
14th May 2019OPRX - OptimizeRx Corp.4,400Open or private sale1,221,528$13.63$59,966.72$16,647,960.81
14th May 2019OPRX - OptimizeRx Corp.20,000Open or private sale1,225,928$13.60$272,004.00$16,672,865.99
14th May 2019OPRX - OptimizeRx Corp.18,474Open or private sale1,245,928$13.60$251,248.25$16,944,745.39
24th September 2019IPWR - Ideal Power, Inc.3,145Open or private sale240,035$5.02$15,803.00$1,206,127.87
9th August 2019INFU - InfuSystem Holdings, Inc.16,650Open or private purchase2,000,000$4.74$78,926.00$9,480,600.00
2nd August 2019LRAD - LRAD Corp.100,000Open or private sale4,850,706$4.02$401,870.00$19,493,532.20
14th October 2019IPWR - Ideal Power, Inc.70,000Open or private sale105,959$2.63$184,324.00$279,011.24
14th October 2019IPWR - Ideal Power, Inc.30,000Open or private sale175,959$2.49$74,802.00$438,736.17
11th October 2019IPWR - Ideal Power, Inc.5,212Open or private sale205,959$2.02$10,541.79$416,572.67
11th October 2019IPWR - Ideal Power, Inc.10,900Open or private sale211,171$2.00$21,819.62$422,722.11
10th October 2019IPWR - Ideal Power, Inc.17,705Open or private sale222,071$2.01$35,659.64$447,273.20
9th October 2019IPWR - Ideal Power, Inc.259Open or private sale239,776$2.53$654.00$605,458.38
14th November 2019LIQT - LiqTech International, Inc.50,000Open or private sale2,043,290$5.14$257,135.00$10,508,027.48
14th November 2019LIQT - LiqTech International, Inc.80,000Open or private sale2,093,290$4.93$394,336.00$10,318,245.07
12th February 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.32,000Open or private sale4,818,706$3.36$107,491.20$16,186,515.32
22nd July 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.11,239Open or private sale4,775,059$4.52$50,747.46$21,560,823.90
21st July 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.12,050Open or private sale4,786,298$4.82$58,129.20$23,089,101.55
21st July 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.20,358Open or private sale4,798,348$4.80$97,744.87$23,038,308.25
25th August 2020LRAD - LRAD Corp.100Open or private sale4,774,959$5.00$500.00$23,874,795.00