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V 179,325 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Rajat Taneja is at least $32,775,230.25. Rajat Taneja owns over 0 units of Ellie Mae, Inc. stock worth over $0.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
17th April 2019ELLI - Ellie Mae, Inc.8,363Sale back to the issuer0$99.00$827,937.00$0.00
17th April 2019ELLI - Ellie Mae, Inc.2,105Sale back to the issuer8,363$99.00$208,395.00$827,937.00
19th November 2019V - Visa, Inc.7,716Payment by withholding179,325$182.77$1,410,253.32$32,775,230.25
19th November 2019V - Visa, Inc.4,236Exercise of derivative187,041$0.00
19th November 2019V - Visa, Inc.6,450Exercise of derivative182,805$0.00
19th November 2019V - Visa, Inc.6,393Exercise of derivative176,355$0.00
30th November 2019V - Visa, Inc.38,036Payment by withholding218,003$184.51$7,018,022.36$40,223,733.53
30th November 2019V - Visa, Inc.76,714Exercise of derivative256,039$0.00
14th February 2020V - Visa, Inc.10,685Open or private sale218,003$208.29$2,225,578.65$45,407,844.87
14th February 2020V - Visa, Inc.10,685Exercise of derivative228,688$53.64$573,089.98$12,265,680.88
13th February 2020V - Visa, Inc.64,315Open or private sale218,003$207.84$13,366,959.48$45,308,827.91
13th February 2020V - Visa, Inc.64,315Exercise of derivative282,318$53.64$3,449,535.03$15,142,125.93
10th June 2020V - Visa, Inc.3,279Open or private sale218,003$202.02$662,413.09$44,040,268.45
10th June 2020V - Visa, Inc.3,279Exercise of derivative221,282$53.64$175,869.16$11,868,460.07
26th August 2020V - Visa, Inc.45,036Open or private sale218,003$210.00$9,457,560.00$45,780,630.00
26th August 2020V - Visa, Inc.45,036Exercise of derivative263,039$53.64$2,415,505.86$14,108,096.76
28th August 2020V - Visa, Inc.45,036Open or private sale218,003$214.00$9,637,704.00$46,652,642.00
28th August 2020V - Visa, Inc.32,188Exercise of derivative263,039$53.64$1,726,403.38$14,108,096.76
28th August 2020V - Visa, Inc.12,848Exercise of derivative230,851$62.47$802,550.32$14,420,107.72