Graham G Miao, Chief Financial Officer

AGFS 20,000 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Graham G Miao is at least $46,868.00. Graham G Miao owns over 20,000 units of AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. stock worth over $46,868.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
29th March 2019AGFS - AgroFresh Solutions, Inc.62,448Grant/award etc.62,448$0.00
31st May 2019AGFS - AgroFresh Solutions, Inc.10,000Grant/award etc.20,000$2.34$23,434.00$46,868.00
30th March 2020AGFS - AgroFresh Solutions, Inc.7,306Payment by withholding55,144$1.62$11,835.72$89,333.28
14th April 2020AGFS - AgroFresh Solutions, Inc.214,403Grant/award etc.214,403$0.00
30th August 2020AGFS - AgroFresh Solutions, Inc.6,854Payment by withholding52,581$2.57$17,614.78$135,133.17