Jack K. Le Vier, Vice President

PCAR 20,858 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Jack K. Le Vier is at least $1,927,202.03. Jack K. Le Vier owns over 20,858 units of PACCAR, Inc. stock worth over $1,927,202.03.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
23rd October 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.8,762Open or private sale20,858$92.40$809,576.38$1,927,202.03
23rd October 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.8,762Exercise of derivative29,620$47.81$418,911.22$1,416,132.20
4th January 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.218.854Other acquisition or disposition6,623.56$58.53$12,809.52$387,676.97
1st January 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.741Payment by withholding14,859$57.14$42,340.74$849,043.26
6th February 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.4,004Grant/award etc.18,863$65.56$262,502.24$1,236,658.28
1st March 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.244Payment by withholding18,619$67.80$16,543.20$1,262,368.20
5th March 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.31.473Other acquisition or disposition6,864.28$67.79$2,133.55$465,329.54
4th June 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.32.311Other acquisition or disposition6,896.59$68.62$2,217.18$473,244.01
4th September 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.33.84Other acquisition or disposition6,930.434$65.46$2,215.17$453,666.21
25th October 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.7,566Open or private sale18,619$76.04$575,286.11$1,415,708.70
25th October 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.7,566Exercise of derivative26,185$50.50$382,083.00$1,322,342.50
3rd December 2019PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.27.746Other acquisition or disposition6,958.18$80.09$2,222.18$557,280.64
2nd January 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.715Payment by withholding17,904$79.10$56,556.50$1,416,206.40
8th January 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.202.898Other acquisition or disposition7,161.078$78.96$16,020.83$565,438.72
4th February 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.3,146Grant/award etc.21,050$76.18$239,662.28$1,603,589.00
1st March 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.192Payment by withholding20,858$66.90$12,844.80$1,395,400.20
3rd March 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.33.229Other acquisition or disposition7,383.218$67.55$2,244.62$498,736.38
2nd June 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.32.34Other acquisition or disposition7,415.733$73.43$2,374.73$544,537.27
24th July 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.11,458Open or private sale20,858$86.39$989,853.18$1,801,916.36
24th July 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.11,458Exercise of derivative32,316$43.24$495,443.92$1,397,343.84
1st September 2020PCAR - PACCAR, Inc.27.507Other acquisition or disposition7,443.24$87.05$2,394.48$647,934.04