Jeremy Welter, President and COO

AINC 186,792 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Jeremy Welter is at least $1,001,205.12. Jeremy Welter owns over 186,792 units of Ashford Inc. stock worth over $1,001,205.12.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
28th December 2020AINC - Ashford Inc.35,603Grant/award etc.186,792$5.36$190,832.08$1,001,205.12
8th August 2019AINC - Ashford Inc.8,225Open or private purchase30,000$28.92$237,867.00$867,600.00
7th August 2019AINC - Ashford Inc.15,000Open or private purchase21,775$29.46$441,900.00$641,491.50
14th November 2019AINC - Ashford Inc.1,284Open or private purchase37,539$22.10$28,376.40$829,611.90
14th November 2019AINC - Ashford Inc.3,716Open or private purchase36,255$22.90$85,096.40$830,239.50
15th November 2019AINC - Ashford Inc.43Open or private purchase40,000$22.40$963.20$896,000.00
15th November 2019AINC - Ashford Inc.99Open or private purchase39,957$22.55$2,232.45$901,030.35
15th November 2019AINC - Ashford Inc.83Open or private purchase39,858$22.50$1,867.50$896,805.00
15th November 2019AINC - Ashford Inc.2,014Open or private purchase39,775$22.60$45,516.40$898,915.00
15th November 2019AINC - Ashford Inc.222Open or private purchase37,761$22.56$5,008.32$851,888.16
11th March 2020AINC - Ashford Inc.35,000Grant/award etc.75,000$0.00
31st August 2020AINC - Ashford Inc.7,382Open or private purchase122,382$6.73$49,680.86$823,630.86
28th August 2020AINC - Ashford Inc.40,000Open or private purchase115,000$6.00$240,000.00$690,000.00
1st September 2020AINC - Ashford Inc.13,538Open or private purchase135,920$6.47$87,590.86$879,402.40
8th September 2020AINC - Ashford Inc.67Open or private purchase136,797$6.99$468.33$956,211.03
4th September 2020AINC - Ashford Inc.810Open or private purchase136,730$6.93$5,613.30$947,538.90
8th September 2020AINC - Ashford Inc.1,218Open or private purchase138,015$7.00$8,526.00$966,105.00
11th September 2020AINC - Ashford Inc.3,094Open or private purchase151,189$6.74$20,853.56$1,019,013.86
10th September 2020AINC - Ashford Inc.8,000Open or private purchase148,095$6.76$54,080.00$1,001,122.20
9th September 2020AINC - Ashford Inc.2,080Open or private purchase140,095$6.82$14,185.60$955,447.90