Michael S. Clark, VP of Finance and Controller

LKQX 65,843 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Michael S. Clark is at least $1,752,925.02. Michael S. Clark owns over 65,843 units of LKQ CORP stock worth over $1,752,925.02.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th January 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP1,067Payment by withholding65,843$26.62$28,406.53$1,752,925.02
1st March 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP8,667Grant/award etc.73,799$0.00
28th February 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP711Payment by withholding65,132$27.62$19,640.95$1,799,232.42
15th July 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP789Payment by withholding73,010$26.86$21,191.83$1,960,982.89
27th November 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP3,814Open or private sale73,010$35.63$135,877.56$2,601,054.26
27th November 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP3,686Payment by withholding76,824$35.44$130,639.21$2,722,796.21
27th November 2019LKQX - LKQ CORP7,500Exercise of derivative80,510$9.98$74,868.75$803,691.08
14th January 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP932Payment by withholding72,078$34.30$31,967.97$2,472,304.23
21st February 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP8,148Grant/award etc.79,815$0.00
20th February 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP411Payment by withholding71,667$33.32$13,694.48$2,387,937.27
2nd March 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP424Payment by withholding79,391$29.43$12,478.24$2,336,461.25
14th July 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP366Payment by withholding79,025$25.82$9,449.68$2,040,330.67
1st September 2020LKQX - LKQ CORP424Payment by withholding78,601$31.67$13,426.17$2,488,939.97