Lewis A Steverson, EVP and CLAO

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The estimated Net Worth of Lewis A Steverson is at least $0.00. Lewis A Steverson owns over 0 units of Corning, Inc. stock worth over $0.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
2nd January 2019GLW - Corning, Inc.842Payment by withholding0$29.88$25,158.96$0.00
2nd January 2019GLW - Corning, Inc.842Exercise of derivative842$0.00
15th April 2019GLW - Corning, Inc.8,258Payment by withholding9,455$34.96$288,699.68$330,546.80
15th April 2019GLW - Corning, Inc.17,713Exercise of derivative17,713$0.00
7th November 2019GLW - Corning, Inc.63,381Open or private sale9,455$30.19$1,913,409.01$285,437.00
7th November 2019GLW - Corning, Inc.9,275Exercise of derivative72,836$20.89$193,754.75$1,521,544.04
7th November 2019GLW - Corning, Inc.9,275Exercise of derivative63,561$20.89$193,754.75$1,327,789.29
7th November 2019GLW - Corning, Inc.9,261Exercise of derivative54,286$20.92$193,740.12$1,135,663.12
7th November 2019GLW - Corning, Inc.9,257Exercise of derivative45,025$20.93$193,749.01$942,373.25
7th November 2019GLW - Corning, Inc.8,543Exercise of derivative35,768$22.68$193,755.24$811,218.24
7th November 2019GLW - Corning, Inc.8,803Exercise of derivative27,225$21.30$187,503.90$579,892.50
7th November 2019GLW - Corning, Inc.8,967Exercise of derivative18,422$20.91$187,499.97$385,204.02
2nd January 2020GLW - Corning, Inc.781Payment by withholding9,455$29.99$23,422.19$283,555.45
2nd January 2020GLW - Corning, Inc.781Exercise of derivative10,236$0.00
15th April 2020GLW - Corning, Inc.6,390Payment by withholding16,770$19.99$127,736.10$335,232.30
15th April 2020GLW - Corning, Inc.13,705Exercise of derivative23,160$0.00
1st September 2020GLW - Corning, Inc.25,776Open or private sale0$32.73$843,643.32$0.00
1st September 2020GLW - Corning, Inc.9,006Exercise of derivative25,776$20.82$187,504.92$536,656.32