Catherine A Suever, Exec VP Finance & Admin & CFO

PH 24,644 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Catherine A Suever is at least $4,485,700.88. Catherine A Suever owns over 24,644 units of Parker-Hannifin Corp. stock worth over $4,485,700.88.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
17th January 2021HXL - Hexcel Corporation234Exercise of derivative3,341$0.00
26th April 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.3,170Payment by withholding24,644$182.02$577,003.40$4,485,700.88
26th April 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.8,864Grant/award etc.27,814$0.00
3rd May 2019HXL - Hexcel Corporation1,608Exercise of derivative1,608$0.00
10th May 2019HXL - Hexcel Corporation3Exercise of derivative1,611$0.00
26th November 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.775Open or private sale24,644$200.52$155,406.10$4,941,713.46
26th November 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.1,305Payment by withholding25,419$200.19$261,247.95$5,088,629.61
26th November 2019PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.2,080Exercise of derivative26,724$200.19$416,395.20$5,349,877.56
27th April 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.6,272Payment by withholding32,645$134.95$846,406.40$4,405,442.75
27th April 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.14,273Grant/award etc.38,917$0.00
9th May 2020HXL - Hexcel Corporation1,496Exercise of derivative3,107$0.00
5th June 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.1,862Open or private sale32,645$204.60$380,963.34$6,679,134.35
5th June 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.3,338Payment by withholding34,507$204.17$681,519.46$7,045,294.19
5th June 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.5,200Exercise of derivative37,845$69.10$359,320.00$2,615,089.50
19th April 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.664Payment by withholding31,305$138.60$92,030.40$4,338,873.00
25th January 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.676Payment by withholding31,969$198.28$134,037.28$6,338,813.32
2nd September 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.1,745Open or private sale31,305$213.42$372,417.90$6,681,113.10
2nd September 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.3,485Payment by withholding33,050$213.35$743,524.75$7,051,217.50
2nd September 2020PH - Parker-Hannifin Corp.5,230Exercise of derivative36,535$81.86$428,127.80$2,990,755.10