Daniel T Noreck, Chief Financial Officer

TTGT 8,396 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Daniel T Noreck is at least $377,820.00. Daniel T Noreck owns over 8,396 units of TechTarget, Inc. stock worth over $377,820.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
5th October 2020TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.10,000Open or private sale8,396$45.00$450,000.00$377,820.00
24th September 2020TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.700Open or private sale18,396$41.33$28,931.00$760,306.68
23rd September 2020TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.4,300Open or private sale19,096$41.26$177,418.00$787,900.96
20th February 2019TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.7,075Open or private sale13,869$15.51$109,733.25$215,108.19
1st March 2019TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.2,308Payment by withholding16,757$16.83$38,843.64$282,020.31
1st March 2019TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.5,196Grant/award etc.19,065$0.00
19th July 2019TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.3,000Open or private sale13,757$21.21$63,630.00$291,785.97
22nd November 2019TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.3,500Open or private sale10,257$28.78$100,730.00$295,196.46
22nd December 2019TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.3,109Payment by withholding29,148$25.59$79,559.31$745,897.32
22nd December 2019TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.7,000Exercise of derivative32,257$0.00
19th December 2019TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.15,000Exercise of derivative25,257$0.00
28th January 2020TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.1,500Open or private sale27,648$27.50$41,250.00$760,320.00
28th February 2020TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.7,858Open or private sale19,790$22.94$180,262.52$453,982.60
6th March 2020TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.12,020Grant/award etc.31,810$0.00
13th March 2020TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.3,460Open or private sale27,146$19.34$66,916.40$525,003.64
29th June 2020TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.6,500Open or private sale20,646$29.74$193,310.00$614,012.04
2nd August 2020TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.5,000Exercise of derivative25,646$0.00
28th August 2020TTGT - TechTarget, Inc.2,250Open or private sale23,396$39.27$88,357.50$918,760.92