Raul Padilla, President, Global Operations

BG 84,485 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Raul Padilla is at least $4,410,852.02. Raul Padilla owns over 84,485 units of Bunge Ltd. stock worth over $4,410,852.02.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
13th March 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.13,867Payment by withholding84,485$52.21$723,978.04$4,410,852.02
13th March 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.14,000Exercise of derivative98,352$51.61$722,540.00$5,075,946.72
12th March 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.12,500Grant/award etc.84,352$0.00
3rd June 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.117Grant/award etc.84,602$53.28$6,233.76$4,507,594.56
3rd September 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.118Grant/award etc.84,720$53.08$6,263.44$4,496,937.60
2nd December 2019BG - Bunge Ltd.118Grant/award etc.84,838$53.61$6,325.98$4,548,165.18
2nd March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.133Grant/award etc.84,971$48.13$6,400.63$4,089,229.38
10th March 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.14,000Grant/award etc.98,971$0.00
1st June 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.343Grant/award etc.99,314$39.25$13,461.79$3,897,796.42
1st September 2020BG - Bunge Ltd.299Grant/award etc.99,613$45.55$13,617.96$4,536,874.09