Harpal Gill, President & COO

FN 47,743 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Harpal Gill is at least $2,653,078.51. Harpal Gill owns over 47,743 units of Fabrinet stock worth over $2,653,078.51.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
18th August 2019FN - Fabrinet4,117Payment by withholding47,743$55.57$228,781.69$2,653,078.51
24th August 2019FN - Fabrinet4,659Payment by withholding77,667$47.59$221,721.81$3,696,172.53
23rd August 2019FN - Fabrinet4,164Payment by withholding82,326$47.59$198,164.76$3,917,894.34
22nd August 2019FN - Fabrinet38,747Grant/award etc.86,490$0.00
15th November 2019FN - Fabrinet12,942Open or private sale64,725$60.59$784,207.55$3,921,946.65
11th August 2020FN - Fabrinet12,976Payment by withholding77,702$73.09$948,415.84$5,679,239.18
11th August 2020FN - Fabrinet25,953Grant/award etc.90,678$0.00
20th August 2020FN - Fabrinet17,844Grant/award etc.95,546$0.00
23rd August 2020FN - Fabrinet4,172Payment by withholding84,906$69.12$288,368.64$5,868,702.72
22nd August 2020FN - Fabrinet6,468Payment by withholding89,078$69.12$447,068.16$6,157,071.36
24th August 2020FN - Fabrinet4,665Payment by withholding80,241$69.61$324,730.65$5,585,576.01
28th August 2020FN - Fabrinet15,000Open or private sale65,241$69.83$1,047,510.00$4,556,039.99