Alison S. Rand, Executive VP and CFO

PRI 22,149.64 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Alison S. Rand is at least $2,337,894.50. Alison S. Rand owns over 22,149.64 units of Primerica, Inc. stock worth over $2,337,894.50.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
14th December 2018PRI - Primerica, Inc.29.4Open or private purchase22,149.64$105.55$3,103.17$2,337,894.50
14th September 2018PRI - Primerica, Inc.42.35Open or private purchase24,120.24$125.00$5,293.75$3,015,030.00
15th June 2018PRI - Primerica, Inc.52.26Open or private purchase26,077.89$101.05$5,280.87$2,635,170.78
16th March 2018PRI - Primerica, Inc.62.55Open or private purchase28,025.63$102.25$6,395.74$2,865,620.67
15th December 2017PRI - Primerica, Inc.51.09Open or private purchase34,487.08$104.07$5,317.03$3,589,132.49
15th September 2017PRI - Primerica, Inc.70.98Open or private purchase36,435.99$74.70$5,302.21$2,721,768.45
15th June 2017PRI - Primerica, Inc.87.69Open or private purchase38,365.01$74.59$6,540.57$2,861,546.35
17th March 2017PRI - Primerica, Inc.65.78Open or private purchase40,277.32$81.40$5,354.65$3,278,670.51
16th December 2016PRI - Primerica, Inc.71.67Open or private purchase36,428.54$70.60$5,059.90$2,571,854.92
16th September 2016PRI - Primerica, Inc.92.32Open or private purchase37,962.87$54.63$5,043.02$2,073,736.96
16th June 2016PRI - Primerica, Inc.87.91Open or private purchase39,870.55$57.37$5,043.70$2,287,509.01
16th March 2016PRI - Primerica, Inc.87.69Open or private purchase40,095.64$44.44$3,896.93$1,781,842.22
16th December 2015PRI - Primerica, Inc.74.72Open or private purchase37,181.95$48.93$3,655.98$1,819,279.35
16th September 2015PRI - Primerica, Inc.81.14Open or private purchase37,107.23$44.90$3,642.88$1,665,973.62
16th June 2015PRI - Primerica, Inc.79.82Open or private purchase37,026.09$45.48$3,630.34$1,684,005.81
16th March 2015PRI - Primerica, Inc.40.6Open or private purchase39,446.27$51.16$2,077.15$2,018,122.45
16th December 2014PRI - Primerica, Inc.64.99Open or private purchase41,055.67$53.86$3,500.17$2,211,135.22
16th September 2014PRI - Primerica, Inc.71.14Open or private purchase40,990.68$49.08$3,491.42$2,011,744.69
16th June 2014PRI - Primerica, Inc.74.54Open or private purchase43,419.54$46.72$3,482.51$2,028,560.91
28th February 2019PRI - Primerica, Inc.2,000Open or private sale14,544.64$125.05$250,100.00$1,818,807.23
1st March 2019PRI - Primerica, Inc.1,169Payment by withholding21,336.64$125.04$146,171.76$2,667,933.47
1st March 2019PRI - Primerica, Inc.3,842Grant/award etc.22,505.64$0.00
1st March 2019PRI - Primerica, Inc.748Payment by withholding18,663.64$125.04$93,529.92$2,333,701.55
1st March 2019PRI - Primerica, Inc.1,657Exercise of derivative19,411.64$0.00
1st March 2019PRI - Primerica, Inc.935Payment by withholding17,754.64$125.04$116,912.40$2,220,040.19
1st March 2019PRI - Primerica, Inc.2,072Exercise of derivative18,689.64$0.00
1st March 2019PRI - Primerica, Inc.1,704Payment by withholding16,617.64$125.04$213,068.16$2,077,869.71
1st March 2019PRI - Primerica, Inc.3,777Exercise of derivative18,321.64$0.00
28th May 2019PRI - Primerica, Inc.2,000Open or private sale19,336.64$119.69$239,380.00$2,314,402.44
30th August 2019PRI - Primerica, Inc.2,000Open or private sale17,336.64$119.64$239,280.00$2,074,155.61
29th November 2019PRI - Primerica, Inc.2,000Open or private sale15,336.64$134.01$268,020.00$2,055,263.13
28th February 2020PRI - Primerica, Inc.2,000Open or private sale11,664.64$110.02$220,048.00$1,283,390.35
1st March 2020PRI - Primerica, Inc.2,592Sale back to the issuer18,961.64$111.34$288,593.28$2,111,189.00
1st March 2020PRI - Primerica, Inc.7,097Grant/award etc.21,553.64$0.00
1st March 2020PRI - Primerica, Inc.613Payment by withholding14,456.64$111.34$68,251.42$1,609,602.30
1st March 2020PRI - Primerica, Inc.1,359Exercise of derivative15,069.64$0.00
1st March 2020PRI - Primerica, Inc.748Payment by withholding13,710.64$111.34$83,282.32$1,526,542.66
1st March 2020PRI - Primerica, Inc.1,657Exercise of derivative14,458.64$0.00
1st March 2020PRI - Primerica, Inc.935Payment by withholding12,801.64$111.34$104,102.90$1,425,334.60
1st March 2020PRI - Primerica, Inc.2,072Exercise of derivative13,736.64$0.00
29th May 2020PRI - Primerica, Inc.2,000Open or private sale16,961.64$113.77$227,540.00$1,929,725.78
31st August 2020PRI - Primerica, Inc.2,000Open or private sale14,961.64$126.21$252,420.00$1,888,308.58