Sara Finley

HWAY 4,876 shares
APTS 6,278 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Sara Finley is at least $142,245.28. Sara Finley owns over 4,876 units of HEALTHWAYS, INC stock worth over $84,111.00.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
20th March 2019HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC2,000Open or private purchase4,876$17.25$34,500.00$84,111.00
2nd May 2019APTS - Preferred Apartment Communities, Inc.3,778Grant/award etc.3,778$0.00
23rd May 2019HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC6,098Grant/award etc.10,974$0.00
9th March 2020APTS - Preferred Apartment Communities, Inc.2,500Open or private purchase6,278$9.26$23,150.00$58,134.28
5th March 2020HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC2,500Open or private purchase13,474$11.99$29,975.00$161,553.26
14th May 2020APTS - Preferred Apartment Communities, Inc.2,500Open or private purchase8,778$5.84$14,590.00$51,228.41
17th June 2020APTS - Preferred Apartment Communities, Inc.11,019Grant/award etc.19,797$0.00
11th May 2020HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC3,380Grant/award etc.16,854$0.00
21st May 2020HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC10,827Grant/award etc.27,681$0.00
24th August 2020HWAY - HEALTHWAYS, INC1,923Grant/award etc.29,604$0.00