Thomas L Kleinhardt

ISBA 83,238.344 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Thomas L Kleinhardt is at least $1,940,285.81. Thomas L Kleinhardt owns over 83,238.344 units of Isabella Bank Corp. stock worth over $1,940,285.81.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
31st December 2018ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.390.323Open or private purchase83,238.344$23.31$9,098.43$1,940,285.81
29th March 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.437.632Grant/award etc.84,205.486$23.65$10,350.00$1,991,459.73
3rd June 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.448Grant/award etc.84,653.486$22.99$10,299.52$1,946,183.63
3rd September 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.433Grant/award etc.85,633.214$22.15$9,590.95$1,896,775.69
2nd December 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.479Grant/award etc.86,690.633$24.00$11,496.00$2,080,575.18
2nd March 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.456Grant/award etc.87,714.857$23.68$10,798.08$2,077,087.81
1st June 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.701Grant/award etc.89,212.186$16.35$11,461.35$1,458,619.25
1st September 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.346Grant/award etc.90,365.386$16.20$5,605.20$1,463,919.25