G Charles Hubscher

ISBA 196,943.989 shares

The estimated Net Worth of G Charles Hubscher is at least $4,590,764.38. G Charles Hubscher owns over 196,943.989 units of Isabella Bank Corp. stock worth over $4,590,764.38.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
31st December 2018ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.362.443Open or private purchase196,943.989$23.31$8,448.55$4,590,764.38
29th March 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.325.581Grant/award etc.199,438.283$23.65$7,699.99$4,716,715.39
3rd June 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.319Grant/award etc.199,757.283$22.99$7,333.81$4,592,419.94
3rd September 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.364Grant/award etc.202,343.657$22.15$8,062.60$4,481,912.01
2nd December 2019ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.352Grant/award etc.205,030.738$24.00$8,448.00$4,920,737.70
2nd March 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.310Grant/award etc.207,617.004$23.68$7,340.80$4,916,370.65
1st June 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.517Grant/award etc.211,301.043$16.35$8,452.95$3,454,772.05
4th August 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.200Open or private purchase214,677.536$16.26$3,252.00$3,490,656.73
1st September 2020ISBA - Isabella Bank Corp.308Grant/award etc.214,985.537$16.20$4,989.60$3,482,765.69