Brendan Walsh, VP, Product Line Marketing

MXL 178,467 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Brendan Walsh is at least $4,217,175.21. Brendan Walsh owns over 178,467 units of MaxLinear, Inc. stock worth over $4,217,175.21.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
22nd February 2019MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.1,493Payment by withholding178,467$23.63$35,279.59$4,217,175.21
22nd February 2019MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.3,136Grant/award etc.179,960$0.00
22nd February 2019MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.2,740Payment by withholding176,824$23.63$64,746.20$4,178,351.12
22nd February 2019MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.2,740Exercise of derivative179,564$0.00
21st May 2019MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.2,464Payment by withholding181,221$22.37$55,119.68$4,053,913.77
21st May 2019MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.2,464Exercise of derivative183,685$0.00
26th August 2019MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.1,904Payment by withholding183,286$19.38$36,899.52$3,552,082.68
26th August 2019MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.1,904Exercise of derivative185,190$0.00
9th September 2019MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.15,000Open or private sale168,286$20.92$313,804.50$3,520,593.61
2nd December 2019MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.1,910Payment by withholding170,345$19.34$36,939.40$3,294,472.30
2nd December 2019MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.1,910Exercise of derivative172,255$0.00
24th February 2020MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.1,175Payment by withholding171,551$16.81$19,751.75$2,883,772.31
24th February 2020MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.1,175Exercise of derivative172,726$0.00
6th April 2020MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.1,383Payment by withholding173,685$14.10$19,500.30$2,448,958.50
6th April 2020MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.3,105Grant/award etc.175,068$0.00
6th April 2020MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.398Payment by withholding171,963$14.10$5,611.80$2,424,678.30
6th April 2020MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.810Grant/award etc.172,361$0.00
1st June 2020MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.3,302Payment by withholding177,039$17.30$57,124.60$3,062,774.70
1st June 2020MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.3,302Exercise of derivative180,341$0.00
24th August 2020MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.1,100Payment by withholding178,319$25.59$28,149.00$4,563,183.21
24th August 2020MXL - MaxLinear, Inc.1,100Exercise of derivative179,419$0.00