Marie Oh Huber, SVP, General Counsel & Sec.

EBAY 61,368 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Marie Oh Huber is at least $3,399,787.20. Marie Oh Huber owns over 61,368 units of eBay, Inc. stock worth over $3,399,787.20.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th October 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,284Payment by withholding61,368$55.40$71,133.60$3,399,787.20
15th October 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,462Exercise of derivative62,652$0.00
15th September 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,496Payment by withholding60,190$51.78$77,462.88$3,116,638.20
15th September 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,134Payment by withholding61,686$51.78$58,718.52$3,194,101.08
15th September 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,045Payment by withholding62,820$51.78$54,110.10$3,252,819.60
15th September 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.932Payment by withholding63,865$51.78$48,258.96$3,306,929.70
15th September 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,857Exercise of derivative64,797$0.00
15th September 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,188Exercise of derivative61,940$0.00
15th September 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,021Exercise of derivative59,752$0.00
15th September 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,802Exercise of derivative57,731$0.00
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.999Payment by withholding91,439$36.30$36,263.70$3,319,235.70
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.890Payment by withholding92,438$36.30$32,307.00$3,355,499.40
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.859Payment by withholding93,328$36.30$31,181.70$3,387,806.40
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.15,512Payment by withholding94,187$36.30$563,085.60$3,418,988.10
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.9,185Payment by withholding109,699$36.30$333,415.50$3,982,073.70
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.18,598Exercise of derivative118,884$0.00
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,021Exercise of derivative100,286$0.00
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,802Exercise of derivative98,265$0.00
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.35,112Exercise of derivative96,463$0.00
15th March 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,501Exercise of derivative61,351$0.00
26th April 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.27,049Open or private sale78,200$38.15$1,031,816.56$2,983,032.84
26th April 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.27,049Exercise of derivative105,249$24.37$659,184.13$2,564,918.13
26th April 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,949Open or private sale78,200$38.09$74,245.21$2,978,950.80
26th April 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.11,290Open or private sale80,149$38.08$429,966.10$3,052,378.49
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.4,716Payment by withholding96,107$38.91$183,499.56$3,739,523.37
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.10,482Payment by withholding100,823$38.91$407,854.62$3,923,022.93
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.943Payment by withholding111,305$38.91$36,692.13$4,330,877.55
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,149Payment by withholding112,248$38.91$44,707.59$4,367,569.68
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,309Payment by withholding113,397$38.91$50,933.19$4,412,277.27
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,058Payment by withholding114,706$38.91$41,166.78$4,463,210.46
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,188Exercise of derivative115,764$0.00
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,022Exercise of derivative113,576$0.00
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,802Exercise of derivative111,554$0.00
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,501Exercise of derivative109,752$0.00
15th June 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.29,051Exercise of derivative107,251$0.00
28th May 2019POR - Portland General Electric Co.2,082Grant/award etc.2,082$0.00
15th September 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,055Payment by withholding100,173$40.37$42,590.35$4,043,984.01
15th September 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.940Payment by withholding101,228$40.37$37,947.80$4,086,574.36
15th September 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,305Payment by withholding102,168$40.37$52,682.85$4,124,522.16
15th September 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,145Payment by withholding103,473$40.37$46,223.65$4,177,205.01
15th September 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,187Exercise of derivative104,618$0.00
15th September 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,021Exercise of derivative102,431$0.00
15th September 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,802Exercise of derivative100,410$0.00
15th September 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,501Exercise of derivative98,608$0.00
15th December 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,050Payment by withholding104,260$35.48$37,254.00$3,699,144.80
15th December 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.936Payment by withholding105,310$35.48$33,209.28$3,736,398.80
15th December 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,299Payment by withholding106,246$35.48$46,088.52$3,769,608.08
15th December 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,140Payment by withholding107,545$35.48$40,447.20$3,815,696.60
15th December 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,187Exercise of derivative108,685$0.00
15th December 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,022Exercise of derivative106,498$0.00
15th December 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,802Exercise of derivative104,476$0.00
15th December 2019EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,501Exercise of derivative102,674$0.00
15th January 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,077Payment by withholding105,644$35.33$38,050.41$3,732,402.52
15th January 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,461Exercise of derivative106,721$0.00
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.10,306Payment by withholding129,303$33.99$350,300.94$4,395,008.97
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.9,605Payment by withholding139,609$33.99$326,473.95$4,745,309.91
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,135Payment by withholding149,214$33.99$38,578.65$5,071,783.86
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,044Payment by withholding150,349$33.99$35,485.56$5,110,362.51
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.931Payment by withholding151,393$33.99$31,644.69$5,145,848.07
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,292Payment by withholding152,324$33.99$43,915.08$5,177,492.76
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.20,863Exercise of derivative153,616$0.00
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.18,597Exercise of derivative132,753$0.00
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,188Exercise of derivative114,156$0.00
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,021Exercise of derivative111,968$0.00
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,802Exercise of derivative109,947$0.00
15th March 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,501Exercise of derivative108,145$0.00
15th April 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,287Payment by withholding130,478$36.19$46,576.53$4,721,998.82
15th April 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,462Exercise of derivative131,765$0.00
7th May 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.250Open or private sale112,064$41.15$10,287.50$4,611,433.60
7th May 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.250Exercise of derivative112,314$24.37$6,092.50$2,737,092.18
7th May 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.251Open or private sale112,064$41.15$10,328.65$4,611,433.60
7th May 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.251Exercise of derivative112,315$24.37$6,116.87$2,737,116.55
7th May 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.18,414Open or private sale112,064$41.23$759,142.93$4,619,995.29
15th June 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,501Payment by withholding116,315$47.89$71,882.89$5,570,325.35
15th June 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,136Payment by withholding117,816$47.89$54,403.04$5,642,208.24
15th June 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,047Payment by withholding118,952$47.89$50,140.83$5,696,611.28
15th June 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.934Payment by withholding119,999$47.89$44,729.26$5,746,752.11
15th June 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,858Exercise of derivative120,933$0.00
15th June 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,187Exercise of derivative118,075$0.00
15th June 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,022Exercise of derivative115,888$0.00
15th June 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,802Exercise of derivative113,866$0.00
31st March 2020POR - Portland General Electric Co.58Grant/award etc.2,140$0.00
22nd April 2020POR - Portland General Electric Co.2,218Grant/award etc.4,358$0.00
15th July 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.1,288Payment by withholding117,489$58.39$75,206.32$6,860,182.71
15th July 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.2,462Exercise of derivative118,777$0.00
7th August 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.251Open or private sale109,798$55.34$13,890.34$6,076,221.32
7th August 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.251Exercise of derivative110,049$24.37$6,116.87$2,681,894.13
7th August 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.250Open or private sale109,798$55.34$13,835.00$6,076,221.32
7th August 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.250Exercise of derivative110,048$24.37$6,092.50$2,681,869.76
7th August 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.7,691Open or private sale109,798$55.34$425,619.94$6,076,221.32
28th August 2020EBAY - eBay, Inc.53,869Open or private sale55,929$55.31$2,979,494.39$3,093,432.99