Charles R Gordon, President & CEO

AEGN 326,314 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Charles R Gordon is at least $5,345,023.32. Charles R Gordon owns over 326,314 units of Aegion Corp. stock worth over $5,345,023.32.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
15th November 2020AEGN - Aegion Corp.5,050Payment by withholding326,314$16.38$82,719.00$5,345,023.32
18th February 2019AEGN - Aegion Corp.55,583Grant/award etc.376,996$0.00
18th February 2019AEGN - Aegion Corp.13,501Payment by withholding321,413$20.24$273,260.24$6,505,399.12
18th February 2019AEGN - Aegion Corp.28,112Grant/award etc.334,914$0.00
24th February 2019AEGN - Aegion Corp.18,509Payment by withholding359,443$20.70$383,136.30$7,440,470.10
8th October 2019AEGN - Aegion Corp.36,771Payment by withholding329,085$20.24$744,245.04$6,660,680.40
17th February 2020AEGN - Aegion Corp.48,998Grant/award etc.388,439$0.00
17th February 2020AEGN - Aegion Corp.9,646Payment by withholding339,441$22.96$221,472.16$7,793,565.36
17th February 2020AEGN - Aegion Corp.20,002Grant/award etc.349,087$0.00
22nd February 2020AEGN - Aegion Corp.18,210Payment by withholding370,229$22.97$418,283.70$8,504,160.13
30th June 2020AEGN - Aegion Corp.11,135Grant/award etc.381,364$0.00
2nd September 2020AEGN - Aegion Corp.50,000Open or private sale331,364$16.26$813,000.00$5,387,978.64