Robert Muccilo, VP & Chief Accounting Officer

ED 7,747.897 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Robert Muccilo is at least $602,786.39. Robert Muccilo owns over 7,747.897 units of Consolidated Edison, Inc. stock worth over $602,786.39.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
30th September 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.108.87Open or private purchase7,747.897$77.80$8,470.09$602,786.39
31st December 2018ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.88.615Open or private purchase6,737.47$81.94$7,261.11$552,068.29
31st January 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.26.285Open or private purchase6,763.755$76.09$2,000.03$514,654.12
20th February 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.2,426Sale back to the issuer6,763.76$78.87$191,338.62$533,457.75
20th February 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.2,426Exercise of derivative9,189.76$0.00
28th February 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.25.41Open or private purchase6,789.17$78.71$2,000.02$534,375.57
31st March 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.89.365Open or private purchase6,878.535$84.61$7,561.17$581,992.85
30th April 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.23.797Open or private purchase6,902.332$84.04$1,999.90$580,071.98
31st May 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.23.186Open or private purchase6,925.518$86.26$2,000.02$597,395.18
30th June 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.86.785Open or private purchase7,012.303$88.44$7,675.27$620,168.08
31st July 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.22.897Open or private purchase7,035.2$87.35$2,000.05$614,524.72
31st August 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.22.976Open or private purchase7,058.176$87.05$2,000.06$614,414.22
30th September 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.85.861Open or private purchase7,144.037$90.66$7,784.16$647,678.39
31st October 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.21.513Open or private purchase7,165.55$92.97$2,000.06$666,181.18
30th November 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.22.955Open or private purchase7,188.505$87.13$2,000.07$626,334.44
31st December 2019ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.89.796Open or private purchase7,278.301$87.88$7,891.27$639,617.09
31st January 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.22.158Open or private purchase7,300.459$90.26$1,999.98$658,939.43
19th February 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.2,298Sale back to the issuer7,300.459$94.35$216,816.30$688,798.31
19th February 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.2,298Exercise of derivative9,598.459$0.00
29th February 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.21.473Open or private purchase7,321.932$93.14$2,000.00$681,964.75
31st March 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.100.056Open or private purchase7,421.988$82.01$8,205.59$608,677.24
30th April 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.24.206Open or private purchase7,446.194$82.62$1,999.90$615,204.55
31st May 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.27.416Open or private purchase7,473.61$72.95$2,000.00$545,199.85
30th June 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.111.334Open or private purchase7,584.944$74.81$8,328.90$567,429.66
31st July 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.26.997Open or private purchase7,611.941$74.08$1,999.94$563,892.59
31st August 2020ED - Consolidated Edison, Inc.27.086Open or private purchase7,639.027$73.84$2,000.03$564,065.75