Scott A. Bibaud, CEO and President

ATOM 169,259 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Scott A. Bibaud is at least $629,643.48. Scott A. Bibaud owns over 169,259 units of Atomera, Inc. stock worth over $629,643.48.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
27th February 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.76,923Grant/award etc.171,180$0.00
1st March 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.1,921Open or private sale169,259$3.72$7,146.12$629,643.48
4th June 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.1,578Open or private sale165,789$4.50$7,101.00$746,050.50
3rd June 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.1,892Open or private sale167,367$4.19$7,927.48$701,267.73
3rd September 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.3,737Open or private sale162,052$3.88$14,499.56$628,761.76
2nd December 2019ATOM - Atomera, Inc.3,686Open or private sale158,366$2.95$10,873.70$467,179.70
2nd March 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.3,686Open or private sale154,680$4.23$15,591.78$654,296.40
11th March 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.147,776Grant/award etc.302,456$0.00
1st June 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.6,835Open or private sale295,621$8.58$58,644.30$2,536,428.18
1st September 2020ATOM - Atomera, Inc.6,774Open or private sale288,847$12.92$87,520.08$3,731,903.24