James Jeaho Rhyu, Pres - Corp Strat, Mktg & Tech

LRN 247,150 shares

The estimated Net Worth of James Jeaho Rhyu is at least $6,724,951.50. James Jeaho Rhyu owns over 247,150 units of K12, Inc. stock worth over $6,724,951.50.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
20th September 2020LRN - K12, Inc.3,083Payment by withholding247,150$27.21$83,888.43$6,724,951.50
1st February 2019LRN - K12, Inc.861Payment by withholding285,637$31.63$27,233.43$9,034,698.31
24th February 2019LRN - K12, Inc.5,737Payment by withholding279,900$32.84$188,403.08$9,191,916.00
28th February 2019LRN - K12, Inc.2,724Payment by withholding277,176$32.04$87,276.96$8,880,719.04
8th March 2019LRN - K12, Inc.1,444Payment by withholding275,732$32.56$47,016.64$8,977,833.92
20th March 2019LRN - K12, Inc.3,083Payment by withholding272,649$32.89$101,399.87$8,967,425.61
1st August 2019LRN - K12, Inc.771Payment by withholding271,878$29.80$22,975.80$8,101,964.40
15th August 2019LRN - K12, Inc.35,829Grant/award etc.307,707$0.00
24th August 2019LRN - K12, Inc.5,773Payment by withholding301,934$27.56$159,103.88$8,321,301.04
31st August 2019LRN - K12, Inc.2,724Payment by withholding299,210$26.35$71,777.40$7,884,183.50
8th September 2019LRN - K12, Inc.1,444Payment by withholding297,766$27.26$39,363.44$8,117,101.16
20th September 2019LRN - K12, Inc.3,083Payment by withholding294,683$26.07$80,373.81$7,682,385.81
1st February 2020LRN - K12, Inc.861Payment by withholding293,822$16.14$13,896.54$4,742,287.08
15th February 2020LRN - K12, Inc.1,806Payment by withholding292,016$17.16$30,990.96$5,010,994.56
28th February 2020LRN - K12, Inc.5,397Payment by withholding286,619$19.88$107,292.36$5,697,985.72
20th March 2020LRN - K12, Inc.3,083Payment by withholding283,536$16.21$49,975.43$4,596,118.56
4th June 2020LRN - K12, Inc.15,000Open or private sale268,536$26.25$393,750.00$7,049,070.00
12th June 2020LRN - K12, Inc.6,838Open or private sale253,536$25.00$170,950.00$6,338,400.00
11th June 2020LRN - K12, Inc.8,162Open or private sale260,374$25.35$206,906.70$6,600,480.90
1st August 2020LRN - K12, Inc.771Payment by withholding252,765$45.79$35,304.09$11,574,109.35
12th August 2020LRN - K12, Inc.13,738Open or private sale246,201$47.80$656,676.40$11,768,407.80
10th August 2020LRN - K12, Inc.5,895Payment by withholding259,939$48.00$282,960.00$12,477,072.00
10th August 2020LRN - K12, Inc.13,069Grant/award etc.265,834$0.00
12th August 2020LRN - K12, Inc.11,095Grant/award etc.257,296$0.00
15th August 2020LRN - K12, Inc.1,616Payment by withholding255,680$45.75$73,932.00$11,697,360.00
31st August 2020LRN - K12, Inc.5,447Payment by withholding250,233$37.21$202,682.87$9,311,169.93