Robert M Patterson, Chairman, President & CEO

POL 287,481.217 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Robert M Patterson is at least $9,052,783.52. Robert M Patterson owns over 287,481.217 units of PolyOne Corp. stock worth over $9,052,783.52.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
11th February 2019POL - PolyOne Corp.11,410Payment by withholding287,481.217$31.49$359,300.90$9,052,783.52
10th February 2019POL - PolyOne Corp.34,750Exercise of derivative298,891.217$0.00
7th May 2019POL - PolyOne Corp.54,864.668Discretionary transaction54,864.668$27.34$1,500,000.02$1,500,000.02
15th May 2019POL - PolyOne Corp.23,881Payment by withholding319,326$26.63$635,951.03$8,503,651.38
15th May 2019POL - PolyOne Corp.50,000Exercise of derivative343,207$0.00
15th February 2020POL - PolyOne Corp.13,599Payment by withholding353,031$31.49$428,232.51$11,116,946.19
15th February 2020POL - PolyOne Corp.39,050Exercise of derivative366,630$0.00
17th March 2020POL - PolyOne Corp.23,411.371Discretionary transaction80,497.926$14.95$350,000.00$1,203,443.99
28th August 2020POL - PolyOne Corp.37,907.5Discretionary transaction118,889.6$26.38$999,999.85$3,136,307.65