Amir Avniel, COO and President

AITB 462,324 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Amir Avniel is at least $2,380,968.60. Amir Avniel owns over 462,324 units of Beyond Air, Inc. stock worth over $2,380,968.60.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
1st January 2019AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.12,000Grant/award etc.542,281$0.00
31st December 2018AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.45,000Grant/award etc.530,281$0.00
3rd June 2019AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.9,709Open or private purchase462,324$5.15$50,001.35$2,380,968.60
12th December 2019AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.8,152Open or private purchase470,476$3.68$29,999.36$1,731,351.68
29th July 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.1,433Open or private sale506,008$6.10$8,744.45$3,087,762.02
29th July 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.2,101Open or private sale507,441$6.10$12,820.72$3,096,506.47
28th July 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.5,000Open or private sale509,542$6.20$31,001.00$3,159,262.31
31st July 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.5,800Open or private sale493,408$6.26$36,321.34$3,089,868.92
30th July 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.6,800Open or private sale499,208$6.26$42,568.00$3,125,042.08
4th August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.7,300Open or private sale478,508$6.13$44,724.91$2,931,674.96
3rd August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.7,600Open or private sale485,808$6.16$46,793.96$2,991,168.44
6th August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.12,391Open or private sale458,884$5.94$73,570.32$2,724,577.86
5th August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.7,233Open or private sale471,275$6.15$44,498.14$2,899,330.93
7th August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.20,493Open or private sale438,391$5.35$109,619.11$2,344,997.30
27th July 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.9,900Open or private sale504,642$6.26$61,966.08$3,158,655.21
11th August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.7,825Open or private sale413,766$5.51$43,132.97$2,280,760.95
10th August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.6,900Open or private sale421,591$5.42$37,385.58$2,284,264.36
12th August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.9,378Open or private sale404,388$5.30$49,668.70$2,141,760.16
13th August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.8,179Open or private sale396,209$5.50$45,004.95$2,180,140.02
14th August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.13,364Open or private sale382,845$5.52$73,745.22$2,112,615.28
17th August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.8,827Open or private sale374,018$5.72$50,457.78$2,137,999.09
18th August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.9,155Open or private sale364,863$5.83$53,376.40$2,127,260.75
20th August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.7,555Open or private sale344,241$6.29$47,553.44$2,166,756.13
19th August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.13,067Open or private sale351,796$6.32$82,537.71$2,222,119.43
24th August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.7,778Open or private sale329,972$5.68$44,208.60$1,875,494.85
21st August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.6,491Open or private sale337,750$6.05$39,295.22$2,044,670.95
25th August 2020AITB - Beyond Air, Inc.3,187Open or private sale326,785$5.97$19,012.05$1,949,435.92