Jay S. Buth, VP, Controller, Chief Acct Off

NU 20,743 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Jay S. Buth is at least $1,454,084.30. Jay S. Buth owns over 20,743 units of NORTHEAST UTILITIES stock worth over $1,454,084.30.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
6th February 2019NU - NORTHEAST UTILITIES1,963Grant/award etc.21,332$0.00
6th February 2019NU - NORTHEAST UTILITIES1,819Grant/award etc.19,368$0.00
15th February 2019NU - NORTHEAST UTILITIES132Payment by withholding20,743$70.10$9,253.20$1,454,084.30
15th February 2019NU - NORTHEAST UTILITIES148Payment by withholding20,875$70.10$10,374.80$1,463,337.50
15th February 2019NU - NORTHEAST UTILITIES309Payment by withholding21,023$70.10$21,660.90$1,473,712.30
21st February 2019NU - NORTHEAST UTILITIES869Payment by withholding19,874$70.27$61,064.63$1,396,545.98
25th February 2019NU - NORTHEAST UTILITIES1,650Open or private sale18,224$69.44$114,569.40$1,265,401.66
5th February 2020NU - NORTHEAST UTILITIES3,079Grant/award etc.22,934$0.00
5th February 2020NU - NORTHEAST UTILITIES1,395Grant/award etc.19,855$0.00
18th February 2020NU - NORTHEAST UTILITIES703Sale back to the issuer22,232$93.66$65,842.98$2,082,249.12
21st February 2020NU - NORTHEAST UTILITIES682Payment by withholding21,550$95.65$65,233.30$2,061,257.50
28th February 2020NU - NORTHEAST UTILITIES1,330Open or private sale20,220$86.67$115,271.10$1,752,467.40
2nd September 2020NU - NORTHEAST UTILITIES3,000Open or private sale17,363$86.01$258,030.00$1,493,391.63