Alexander J Lurie, Chief Executive Officer

SVMK 969,241 shares
GPRO 92,592 shares

The estimated Net Worth of Alexander J Lurie is at least $20,871,329.71. Alexander J Lurie owns over 969,241 units of SVMK Inc. stock worth over $20,518,831.97.

Transaction DateCompanySharesTypeOwnedPriceValuePost Value
17th February 2021SVMK - SVMK Inc.21,816Open or private sale969,241$21.17$461,844.72$20,518,831.97
18th August 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.25,406Open or private sale1,037,260$21.07$535,200.26$21,850,815.43
18th January 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,016Open or private sale1,265,882$13.41$40,438.23$16,972,819.27
17th January 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.97,228Open or private sale1,268,898$12.82$1,246,287.95$16,264,988.34
19th February 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.8,100Open or private sale1,464,782$11.79$95,492.52$17,268,607.95
15th February 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.207,000Grant/award etc.1,472,882$0.00
29th March 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.50,000Open or private sale1,414,782$18.00$900,005.00$25,466,217.48
4th June 2019GPRO - GoPro, Inc.28,510Grant/award etc.28,510$0.00
16th May 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.16,489Open or private sale1,398,293$16.39$270,241.52$22,916,903.64
22nd May 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.2,487Grant/award etc.1,400,780$10.20$25,367.40$14,287,956.00
17th July 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.108,889Open or private sale1,291,891$16.87$1,836,957.43$21,794,201.17
16th August 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.16,660Open or private sale1,275,231$17.30$288,154.69$22,056,650.42
18th November 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.16,170Open or private sale1,259,061$16.97$274,456.64$21,370,294.17
22nd November 2019SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,679Grant/award etc.1,260,740$10.20$17,125.80$12,859,548.00
24th February 2020GPRO - GoPro, Inc.25,000Open or private purchase92,592$3.81$95,175.00$352,497.74
17th January 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.5,140Open or private sale1,160,037$20.68$106,300.34$23,990,725.20
17th January 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.95,563Open or private sale1,165,177$19.92$1,903,280.49$23,206,247.72
18th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.281,848Grant/award etc.1,427,103$0.00
18th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.11,682Open or private sale1,145,255$22.02$257,292.55$25,223,897.80
14th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,100Open or private sale1,156,937$22.00$68,201.86$25,453,308.16
19th February 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.16,396Open or private sale1,410,707$21.02$344,660.32$29,654,471.85
2nd June 2020GPRO - GoPro, Inc.57,780Grant/award etc.57,780$0.00
18th May 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.25,056Open or private sale1,385,651$19.53$489,446.41$27,067,445.20
22nd May 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.2,084Grant/award etc.1,387,735$10.20$21,256.80$14,154,897.00
5th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.6,300Open or private sale1,383,635$22.00$138,606.30$30,441,353.64
5th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.2,200Exercise of derivative1,389,935$11.00$24,200.00$15,289,285.00
10th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.5,074Open or private sale1,379,761$22.00$111,629.52$30,355,155.93
10th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.1,200Exercise of derivative1,384,835$11.00$13,200.00$15,233,185.00
16th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.116,884Open or private sale1,287,735$22.34$2,611,445.70$28,770,832.92
16th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.24,858Exercise of derivative1,404,619$11.00$273,438.00$15,450,809.00
25th June 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.3,900Open or private sale1,283,835$24.00$93,601.17$30,812,425.15
1st July 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.96,100Open or private sale1,187,735$24.14$2,319,863.61$28,672,041.67
18th August 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.25,069Open or private sale1,162,666$22.33$559,891.05$25,966,982.44
2nd September 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.57,855Open or private sale1,062,666$26.04$1,506,451.63$27,670,122.37
1st September 2020SVMK - SVMK Inc.42,145Open or private sale1,120,521$26.01$1,096,242.02$29,146,095.84